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Experts of Slotegrator Academy conduct analytical researches in the spheres of gambling business and are ready to share the knowledge in articles and reviews. The materials provide insights into the companies, products, operating markets, gaming licenses, cases of marketing promotion and other components of the gambling business. Our analytical articles will help you achieve a good understanding of the online gambling industry.

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The Gambling Market in Kenya: Analysis and Overview

Virtually all forms of gambling in Kenya have been legal since 1966, when the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act outlined regulations and es...

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Advances in Identity Verification: Solving Some of Gambling’s Biggest Problems

The identity verification requirements that regulators set for gambling operators depend on the market. The strictest regulations are in t...

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Understanding Statistics and Feeds in Sports Betting

Introduction The first sport where a heavy emphasis was placed on highly detailed statistics was baseball. The practice of paying close...

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User Acquisition and Retention: Overview of the Top Tools

Getting an online gambling platform up and running and equipping it with a full portfolio of great games is only half the battle. Online c...

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Live Reporting from iGB Affiliate Lisbon 2019

The role of affiliate marketing in the gambling industry cannot be ignored. The practice of promoting casino projects with the help of aff...

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Real-Time Marketing: How Can It Help to Engage Online Casino Players?

One crucial element of an online casino’s success is effective promotion. There are numerous marketing strategies that can be used t...

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