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Better iGaming software? Bet on Betsoft

April 29, 2021
8 min

A vast catalogue of quality slots and tables? Check. Licenses and certifications? Double check. Innovation? Check – check out those 3D graphics. A state-of-the-art back-office platform? Check. Any doubt left as to whether Betsoft’s products deserve your attention? We don’t think so.

Since its founding in 2006, Betsoft has established itself as a high-quality iGaming software provider delivering some of the best graphics in the industry as well as remarkable administration and promo tools to support online casino operators.

The studio holds multiple certifications and is licensed to operate in various regulated markets, and has been repeatedly awarded for its products. If you would like to learn more about Betsoft’s offer of games and back-office tools, keep reading.

Back-office takes the front stage

Betsoft offers a comprehensive management, administration, and promotional suite, Casino Manager. This proprietary back-office solution is fully modular and customisable, allowing casino operators to mix and match the tools that best fit their needs. Casino Manager is entirely web-based, with a simple interface designed to streamline day-to-day administrative and support tasks and allowing operators to easily manage all the information at their disposal.

The GAAP-compliant reporting tools provide operators with detailed per-session KPI, arguably making it the most advanced solution available on the market. The accessible KPIs include advanced information like average bet size, average game duration, total payout, and gain/loss percentages, both per game and per player, allowing operators to understand their user base at a granular level.

All the reports are generated in real-time and include both text and graphical representations, making them easy to read for quick analysis or use in dispute and query resolutions.

The data presented is linked to any relevant information associated with it, and a built-in auto-reconciliation function assures the consistency of game and transactional databases, highlighting any issues in need of resolution. Furthermore, the real-time monitoring system allows operators to set customisable alerts for any significant event, making it possible to provide timely support to customers and manage the platform as efficiently as possible.

In addition to all this, Casino Manager includes DRIVE™, Betsoft’s promotional features management tool aimed at engaging players and driving traffic to new games. DRIVE™ gives operators the ability to set up various types of engagement campaigns, like bonuses, sweepstakes, raffles, and tournaments, all customisable when it comes to rules and rewards.

Certifiably transparent

Betsoft makes a point of complying with the most stringent regulatory requirements and best practices. Their dedication to transparency goes beyond declarations, having had their random number generator (RNG) evaluated by QUINEL, one of the foremost independent testing laboratories in the industry with over a decade of experience and a worldwide presence. On top of this, Betsoft’s games for regulated markets are tested individually by Gaming Labs International (GLI), the world-leading organisation for the testing and certification of iGaming products.

Betsoft is focused on expanding its reach, providing its products to operators in untapped as well as major regulated markets. Adding to the quality of its games, the studio has accumulated permits from various markets’ gambling authorities. Betsoft is authorised to distribute its games in regulated jurisdictions like Italy, Belgium, and Denmark, and holds prestigious licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, the Romanian National Gambling Office, and Curaçao eGaming, which allow it to operate everywhere these are accepted.

Great games with triple goodness graphics

What makes Betsoft games stand out is, without a doubt, their graphics. While most studios tend to rely on hand-drawn designs, Betsoft pushes the envelope and seeks to deliver slots with symbols and backgrounds rendered in beautiful 3D. In particular, their ground-breaking Slots3™ series adds cinematic elements to the traditional slot gameplay, making full use of the possibilities offered by 3D graphics to provide players with a novel experience in which their choices impact the flow of the game.

On top of over 100 slots, Betsoft offers a wide selection of tables. These include multiple varieties of roulette and blackjack, poker, and other casino favourites like red dog and baccarat. These, too, are rendered in stunning 3D, bringing the experience of land-based casinos directly to the players’ screens.

A unique product in the studio’s catalogue is Virtual Racebook, a game in which players can place bets on simulated horse races presented in a beautiful 3D cinematic art style.

Finally, Betsoft provides mini-games (like blackjack and lucky seven) that can be integrated within websites and applications.

All games released by Betsoft since 2016 are based on Shift™, an in-house HTML5 development platform deployed to overcome the limitations of Flash. The use of this engine results in enhanced security, faster loading times, and games that are equally optimised for both personal computers and portable devices like smartphones and tablets. For players, this means being able to enjoy optimal performances regardless of the device used, without framerate drops or loss of quality and functionalities.

Our favourite games by Betsoft

Here at Slotegrator, we love getting to know the games we offer for integration, and we had loads of fun with Betsoft’s titles. What follows is a brief list of our favourite slots by this studio – you can rest assured that your players will love them just as much as we did.

Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time

Released in November 2020, Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time is the second episode in the adventures of the time-travelling inventor after which the game is named. The polished graphics and mellow soundtrack are extraordinary, and they make it very easy for the players to immerse themselves in the steampunk atmosphere of the title. The game employs an innovative feature dubbed “Clusters of Time”, which selects at random five positions on the 5x5 grid in each spin. When these positions are covered in clusters, the game triggers one of three Time Traveling features – aptly named Past, Present, and Future. Each of these gives the player some type of bonus (respins, multipliers, or guaranteed symbols), and they can also be chosen when the free spins function is triggered.

Total Overdrive

The 80s are back in this slot inspired by the neon-filled synthwave aesthetics of the era! The visuals, soundtrack, and sound effects contribute to conjuring the memories of afternoons spent in dimly lit arcades. Does that give away our age? We don’t care. Pressing Total Overdrive’s spin button gives you the same feeling as pressing start after dropping a coin in an arcade cabinet, and we absolutely love it. The game takes classic symbols like cherries, sevens, and diamonds, and rethinks them in a way that screams both “yesterday” and “tomorrow” at once. This slot gets its name from the Overdrive Multiplier feature, a multiplier that gets activated with a win and increases with any subsequent one. As the multiplier increases up to 10x, the Tron-esque neon light grid in the background shifts to warmer colours and the soundtrack gains synth lines, truly contributing to add excitement and anticipation to the experience. Do we love this slot? We love this slot.

The Exterminator

A prime example of the Slots3™ series, The Exterminator showcases the 3D renderings this studio is famous for. While its graphics may appear somewhat dated if compared to other Betsoft games, one has to keep in mind that this game was released all the way back in 2012, which shows how ground-breaking the series is. The game follows Alvin Goodman, a pest controller tasked with getting rid of a pesky raccoon. The Exterminator features sticky wins and wild reels, plus two interactive cinematic features, Double Up and a bonus round. Double Up is accessible after each win: players can choose to pick between red black and, if Alvin draws a card of the selected colour, the winnings are doubled; otherwise, they're lost. In the bonus round, triggered by getting five or more blueprint symbols, players have to guess where the raccoon is hiding; if they do so correctly, they are awarded a massive prize.

Carnaval Forever

Carnaval Forever is, at first glance, a very simple slot. Themed after Rio de Janeiro’s famous carnival, the game comes packed with bright colours and festive music. This erupts in an explosion of tambourines and whistles when the Carnaval Queen symbol appears twice on the reels, turning the rest of the spin into a full-blown party. The interaction between the soundtrack and what is happening on the reels, much like in the previously mentioned Total Overdrive, speaks volumes about the attention to detail that Betsoft puts in crafting its slots. Players can access free spins by landing three or more Carnaval Queen symbols or via a Buy feature, that is to say, paying a significant amount upfront to activate the feature.

If you want to learn more about Betsoft games and how to integrate them into your online gambling platform, get in touch with us – our sales team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

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