Today, it's safe to say that the cryptocurrency age has begun. Which of them, except bitcoin, can be effectively used as a means of payment in online casino? What do they contribute to the modern gambling industry? Why has the subject of earning cryptocurrency in online casino become a topical issue? The Slotegrator experts are going to answer these questions as well as describe the advantages and peculiarities of digital currencies.

Article summary

  1. Cryptocurrency and digital currency are not the same things.
  2. How bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies influence on gambling industry on the Internet
  3. Bitcoin-risks for online casinos
  4. Cryptocurrencies for online casinos
  5. Primary cryptocurrencies used in gambling and online games
  6. Types of online cryptocurrency casinos
  7. Why to create the online crypto casino
  8. How to choose cryptocurrency for own online casino
  9. How to open own Bitcoin casino and run a flourishing business
  10. Conclusion

Cryptocurrency and digital currency are not the same things.

Cryptocurrency is an internal payment unit (coin) of any public blockchain.  Blockchain is a technology that represents a continuous chain of encrypted information blocks, each of which stores information about all the links.

Put it otherwise, cryptocurrency is a virtual decentralized payment tool, which is protected by complex cryptographic algorithms.

The issue of cryptocurrencies is a result of mining; it is a complex procedure of the mathematical processes' implementation by means of computer facilities.

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