General trends of gambling development across the globe

For the previous 10 years of online gambling business operating, the turnover of the market has increased more than three times and in 2015 reached around $15.87 billion, according to the authoritative research data of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC). The overall evaluation and research of the gambling market also shows that in 2016-2017 these figures will unceasingly grow and till 2020 the total gambling companies’ revenue will be able to exceed $21 billion.

Regarding the gambling industry, betting is the unquestionable leader and is the most popular at this time: its market share is 47% in comparison with other segments.

The popularity of betting services has increased by 3% for the previous 10 years. In comparison with 2014, this segment showed 3% revenue growth up to €16.4 billion. Online casinos don’t give up: their share has increased by 6% in comparison with 2005. It is believed that such trend will remain the major one in nearest years – betting and online casino share will increase more and more. One of the most significant factors of such bets and casino popularity growth is expanding opportunities for players in using mobile applications on portable gadgets. A lot of huge software developing companies have been focusing on mobile products for previous years satisfying demands of gambling users who aim to use services remotely.

As for other gambling areas, they have improved their figures less: lotteries increased only by1% and online poker even decreased the rate from 23.2% (2015) to 13.4% (2015).

Revenue decrease in offline and increase in online

The online gambling share in the overall world market revenue increasingly grows. In 2014, its rate was 8.8 % and in 2015, it increased by 1%. According to predictions, till the end of 2016 the online gambling rate from the overall world gambling industry will be 10.2%.

It should be emphasized that the total gambling income decreased for the first time by 1.5% this year. It was caused by the land-based sector revenue decline that showed the rate of 2.4%. However, the online sector, in contrast, showed fast income growth, increased the overall rate by 7.7%, including the online betting increased by 7.2%.

Gambling and betting revenue income dynamics, 2015, %

Total growth – Offline segment – Online segment

How have these figures changed in different countries throughout the world?

52% of the land-based betting world market is traditionally kept by Asia with the annual income of €17.4 billion. It is followed by Europe with 31% share and €10.2 billion revenue and North America is on the third place with 9% and €2.9 billion.

With regard to the online sector, it is clear that the market share in Asia decreased by 2% and increased by the same 2% in Europe.

Mobile gambling: growth dynamics in the world

As mentioned above, the mobile segment increase is the main factor influencing the growth of online gambling popularity and relevance. It is the undeniable advantage over the personal computer that was mentioned in 2014: the mobile sector share is 38.7% with the desktop rate being 4.3%. The spike in the mobile online sector revenue was also observed: from 9.5% to 29.4%. Thus, in 2015 the mobile segment revenue was €10.2 billion that is €2.3 billion more than in the previous one. According to experts, the growth dynamics in 2016 will increase and could reach 36% from the online gambling total income.