How to start an online gambling business? Creating a casino from scratch is a very time-consuming process that requires certain expertise. Slotegrator will accompany you with all the stages of online gambling project development and will help to bring a high-quality and competitive product to the market.

How to Start an Online Casino in 2019?

Market analysis

While thinking about how to open an online casino, it is important to understand the target market. Each country has its own gambling market features, so in order to understand the target audience and define games and products that would be popular, it is necessary to analyze the situation on the chosen market. Operators should consider legal issues regarding gambling, industry regulations, and cultural background.

Obtaining a license

To operate legally and gain the audience’ trust, online gambling business must get a license. Today, casino operators are provided with a huge selection of licensing jurisdictions for online casinos around the world. They differ in price policy, requirements, capabilities, and features of operation. Some jurisdictions offer licenses that are respected all over the world, other countries only issue licenses for operation in a particular territory.

Moreover, it is important to consider the possibilities provided by a license in terms of cooperation with certain providers and payment systems. The operator must also take into account the jurisdiction’s policy regarding the protection of the players’ rights.

Among the most popular and reliable gambling licensing jurisdictions, there are Curacao, Kahnawake, Malta, Gibraltar, and the United Kingdom. Slotegrator experts provide help in obtaining a reliable gambling license faster and with minimal paperwork. Remember that an official legal license will help to cooperate with popular gaming content providers, which will attract players to an online casino.

Domain name purchase

Choosing a domain name, a name for your casino website, is a very important step while creating a new business. The name of your project should attract attention and be memorable. Moreover, the style and popularity of your project also depend on the domain name because it introduces your platform to visitors.

Hosting purchase

The server must have high technical quality to ensure the smooth operation of your online casino website. Online casinos may be visited by many players around the world at the same time, therefore, it is necessary to have a server with high capacity in order to withstand heavy traffic. Moreover, as online casinos provide money operations, it is important to get a highly protected server.

Website development

While creating a website for an online casino, it is very important to pay attention to the platform’s convenience. Your casino website should be easy to use so that players will not have to spend time searching for the right feature on the menu if they want to start playing immediately.

Slotegrator offers a ready-to-use platform that can meet the diverse needs of operators. You will get a solution with an already developed website and various control tools, such as client management or gaming content management, as well as 24/7 technical support.

Website development consists of several parts.


Your online casino should be unique and memorable. Developed design solutions can be used to save time, but if you want to get a competitive and convenient website that will attract users with its unique and creative design, it is better to create your own individual one. Slotegrator will provide you with the best professionals who are able to bring your vision of website design to life at the highest level possible.

Platform integration

The platform should have such elements as security systems, game content, payment systems, and management tools. All of them should be united into one single platform, such as a White Label solution.

Games integration

Games bring visitors to your casino and make them spend money. While choosing games, it is necessary to take into account the particular geographical location of your casino and your target audience. It is important to make the right selection of the content among the huge variety of casino game developers. Products of different companies differ in quality, graphics, popularity, functionality, types of jackpots, storylines, and many other things.

When choosing a gaming provider, the main thing is to make sure that the software is licensed and to check all the technical documentation.

Slotegrator offers its customers a big variety of games from leading providers. It is possible to easily integrate all popular slots from top developers into a gambling platform in a single session with the APIgrator solution.

Payment systems integration

Geographical location is very important in the payment system selection. The most effective payment systems are the ones that provide the user with the most convenient selection of methods for the particular region. The operator should consider the system reliability and supported currencies.

Slotegrator allows integrating all reliable and popular payment systems into online casinos with Moneygrator. It helps to offer gambling platform users such payment solutions as Skrill, Visa, Webmoney, Qiwi, and many others.

Security system

Online casino is a business project, which needs a reliable security system because there are many ways of committing fraud and external hacker attacks. It is important to obtain in-built multilevel security systems.

Marketing strategies

Your online casino needs promotion and various ad campaigns. There are many marketing tools that should be used such as email newsletters, participation in the affiliate programs, SEO optimization, news and press releases, bonus systems, and loyalty programs for customers.

Customer support

Being a casino operator and owner, you should always have the possibility to communicate with customers, especially if a customer has problems or difficulties. The reliable customer support system will help you to avoid conflicts and negative comments about your online casino. With the help of such a system, all problems will be solved quickly and efficiently.

Working with high rollers

Professional players who deal with huge bets and bring large amounts of income to your online casino require special attention and approach. In your casino, there should be special conditions and bonuses for high rollers in order to retain such customers.

New and regular customers

Regular customer visits to the casino guarantee regular revenue for an operator. Everything in your casino should be organized to meet the needs of both regular and new customers. Pay attention to games, update your content, and monitor reports. You can also introduce some registration and first deposit bonuses to attract new clients.

Creating and opening a casino is only the beginning of the long-term business project. In order to generate high ROI, you need to work on the development of your casino and introduce new tools to stimulate and retain players. If you want to get a ready-to-use solution for your online casino or make your already existing gambling business more effective, contact Slotegrator managers.