The biggest conference in the iGaming industry is set to get under way. Developers, suppliers, and other representatives from all over the world - and all over the gambling market - have gathered in London to make connections and come face-to-face with the industry’s next leading innovations. ICE London 2020 is the perfect place to explore the future of iGaming.

Over 35,000 iGaming professionals are set to gather at ExCeL London over the next three days (February 4-6) to network with other industry leaders, learn from expert presentations, discover the revolutionary products that are poised to reshape the industry, and enjoy themselves while they’re at it.

Slotegrator is at booth N4-321 so come by if you’re at ICE London, and stay tuned here for our live coverage of the event!

Day 1


The doors are open and the event has started. Thousands of participants are streaming in to ExCeL London, ready to forge new relationships with other industry professionals and discover the newest innovations that are set to change the industry. The atmosphere is charged with excitement! Stay tuned for more updates.


The exhibition is truly large scale - this year, booths are even more colorful, bright, and breathtaking than could be imagined! As expected, our partner Evolution Gaming has pulled out all the stops for their ICE London exhibition. Their stunning booth is the perfect place to learn about their live dealer solutions!


Let the roundtables begin! Discussions about the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Austria, and Ukraine are keeping everybody informed about these critical markets!


Who’s hungry? Time for a networking lunch! Slotegrator team is waiting for visitors at booth N4-321 - we are ready for a fruitful discussion on how to boost casino business.


Back from lunch, the roundtables continue! The discussion of the U.S. market promises to be intriguing - one by one, states are starting to regulate, opening the door for massive changes in the iGaming space.


Time to head south! The Latin American roundtables have begun. Gambling markets in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru are on the table for discussion. There’s no better place to learn about the potential in these rapidly-developing markets!

The exhibition is getting more interesting - the more booths you check, the more impressions you get!


Ready for a journey to the east? The Asian market is an eternal temptation for operators, and cracking it can lead to massive revenue streams. Check out the Asia roundtable to learn about the gambling market in the Philippines, Cambodia, Australia, and India.


Apart from regulation discussions, the conference shines a light on technologies that improve the gaming experience, business security, and casino marketing. The changes in gambling advertising and the operators’ perspective on PSD2 are currently being discussed in different halls.


It’s been a full day of networking with other professionals, presenting new solutions, and gaining insights from panels, discussions, and roundtables. Luckily, there are still two days to go! Slotegrator will be back at it again tomorrow, so find us on the conference floor or follow our live coverage to get the most out of ICE London 2020!

Day 2


The atmosphere is charged with energy as the doors open and the second day ICE London 2020 begins! Our team is already at booth N4-321 and is waiting for the visitors!


Esports betting is seeing some of the most impressive rates of growth in the iGaming industry. Getting a handle on this new frontier of gaming and betting could be critical in the future - and that’s why ICE London’s Esports Arena is the perfect place to get a taste of what esports are all about. Some of the world’s top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams are battling their way towards a massive grand prize while attendees take in presentations on esports. The excitement will only increase as the tournament progresses!


The first stop on our esports tour is Pinnacle, a worldwide sports betting platform that’s here at the Esports Arena to show why they’ve embraced esports betting products.


After Pinnacle we’ve moved on to SiS, another major player in the esports world who generated a massive buzz at last year’s ICE with their new esports betting products.


Gaming Malta is the third stop on our esports tour. Malta is a Mecca of the iGaming community, so it’s no surprise that Gaming Malta is embracing the phenomenon!


The fourth stop on our tour is the Esports Arena itself. ICE London and GG Gaming have pulled out all the stops to make it one of the headlining exhibits at this year’s exhibition. There’s an auditorium where spectators can watch the action and shoutcasters to provide commentary, as well as a lounge and a bar. We couldn’t imagine a better place to learn about esports!


The exhibition is not losing steam even on the second day! Our partners, successful game developers, still have a lot to share at their booths.


After a long day of taking in all that esports has to offer, checking out the amazing exhibitions at our partners’ booths, and having business discussions, Slotegrator is ready for some after-hours networking - and looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow! Come find us in the morning for the third day of the exhibition!

Day 3


The third day of the exhibition is still intense! There are many business meetings, exciting discussions, and new partnerships - as well as the final of the Esports Arena tournament!


iGB Affiliate London, a part of the bigger ICE London trade show, is also taking place. There’s no better place to meet affiliates working in the iGaming space - and no better place for affiliates to meet operators. The networking lunch is buzzing, and everyone is looking forward to the 14:00 panel on the potential of the Brazilian market!


We did it! Another year in the bag! Slotegrator is overjoyed at all the new connections we made and proud of the fantastic exhibitions put on by all our partners. We’re sad to see the end, but expecting new opportunities for gambling business that we have discussed at the exhibition! Slotegrator is already looking forward to ICE London next year, but for now, we are getting ready for the next gambling event - UGW in March. See you there!