The role of affiliate marketing in the gambling industry cannot be ignored. The practice of promoting casino projects with the help of affiliates is gaining momentum, so industry members are meeting at the iGB Affiliate Conference in Lisbon to keep up to date.

More than 2500 delegates and participants in over 100 affiliate programs are gathering in the huge exhibition center Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL). The event promises to be ground-breaking!

The Slotegrator team is already in the middle of the action - our managers are presenting the company’s solutions to the first guests at our booth N C50. They are talking about improving casino projects and introducing the company’s new development - the affiliate program management tool Partnergrator.

Follow our live reporting from the event and stay updated about the news from the conference!

10:00 The start of the event

Many of the conference’s guests are already at the event and ready for new insights, discussions, and partners! The first presentations are beginning in the conference hall, while the exhibition area is filling up.

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12:00 New partnerships are made

The Slotegrator team is meeting guests at our booth and discussing different options for growing online casino businesses. The company’s sales managers are giving advice on how to create a successful gambling platform and promote it with the help of advanced marketing techniques to increase revenues.

14:30 In-depth discussions continue

After an engaging speech on email marketing, experts have moved to another conference room to hear a presentation on affiliate marketing in heavily regulated Western European markets. What advertising models should be used to promote online casinos? This and many other questions will be answered during the speech.

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15:45 More topics are coming

After a productive networking break, experts have reunited to dive into the LatAm market and promotional strategies for the Spanish-speaking world.

Meanwhile, the exhibition area is full - affiliates and gambling industry members are discussing possibilities for fruitful cooperation. The Slotegrator team still has many ideas and solutions to share, and the discussions are intense!

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17:00 The end of the first day

The first day of the conference and exhibition was a success - new solutions were presented and business meetings were scheduled. Slotegrator has a busy evening ahead, as there are many more discussions planned for later tonight! The company has saved a few things for tomorrow - new ideas on how to boost the casino business are still to come!

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iGB Affiliate Lisbon - the second day of the event

10:30 The event continues

The first day of the iGB Affiliate Conference offered guests opportunities to get acquainted, present their brands and solutions, and familiarize themselves with different opportunities for cooperation. After such a successful start, the second day of the event looks very promising! Experts have gathered in the exhibition center again - today’s agenda is partnership discussions.

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11:15 The role of affiliates

One of the big discussions for today is the role of affiliates and their potential to improve the online gambling industry in 2019. Slotegrator knows that affiliates can bring positive results to online casinos, so in the exhibition zone, the team is busy presenting the company’s complete solution for real-time affiliate program management and analysis.

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14:00 How should operators and affiliates work together?

The conference hall is still full - the new topic is cooperation between operators and affiliates. The experts are explaining how to set the right revenue-sharing agreement to ensure fair partnerships and evaluating techniques that operators use to determine which partners will bring the most depositing players.

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16:00 To be continued

As usual, the iGB event was a success. Companies presented their new products and solutions, while industry experts shared useful advice.

The guests aren’t planning on leaving Portugal today - plenty more business meetings are coming, followed by networking tomorrow. The Slotegrator team has a busy evening, too - we’re planning even more discussions with potential partners and colleagues.

Among Slotegrator’s next destinations - SiGMA and ICE London!

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