Today, lottery fans can enjoy the game even easier than before. The Internet has greatly expanded the possibilities for this gambling adventure, and many gambling sites offer their visitors a great variety of different kinds of lotto.

Article summary

  1. What is a lottery
  2. A Brief History Tour
  3. Advantages of Online Lottery
  4. Analysis of the volume and dynamics of the lottery market growth in the world
  5. Types of Lotteries
  6. Principles and rules of lotteries, their differences
  7. Lottery legislation
  8. Conclusion

As the statistics shows, this kind of online entertainment is not less popular than slots, card games or roulette. Fans of lotteries are happy to spend their spare time on the Internet doing this interesting activity.

Experts of Slotegrator – the leading provider of the best trend solutions for online gambling from world-famous developers – explored the market and gave their predictions regarding the further development of online lotteries.

What is a lottery

Wikipedia defines the lottery as a form of gambling in which the wins and losses depends on the accidental extraction of a lottery ticket or number (lot, draw). Certain share of funds deposited by players are charged by lottery vendors, while another part is paid to the State in the form of taxes.

The word "lottery" is borrowed from the French language, where "loterie" originated from the Italian "lotteria" (formed from "lotto"), which is translated as "draw". The same basis lies in the word "lotto" and the English "lot", one of the values of which is "draw".

Unlike slot machines and roulette, the lottery has established the reputation of the most honest gambling entertainment in the world. It is believed that it is impossible to influence its result, and the player completely relies on chance. 

A Brief History Tour

According to historians, the first lotteries appeared in ancient Greece, and their wide popularity was in the XV century, when they were used as an opportunity to climb the social ladder. The draw principle, which is the basis of the lottery, has also been used for various purposes in ancient Rome and ancient China.

In the XVI century, this simple entertainment conquered European countries. Europeans quickly took the lottery as one of the effective ways to replenish the state treasury. Lottery conquered America by its high profitability. 

In Russia, this entertainment became mainstream in the XVII century during the time of Catherine the Great. The Empress decided that the income from lotteries can be quite high and it is very advantageous for the State budget.

Thus, in just two centuries, the lottery quickly conquered almost the whole world and remained almost unchanged to the present day. It became a favorite mass entertainment for people of different cultures and traditions. Every day millions of people around the world purchase lottery tickets. At the same time, everyone hopes to hit the jackpot. 

The invention of Internet began a new era in the gambling market. Lotteries also were not left aside. Together with casino games, they began to spread actively on the vastness of the Web. The sale of electronic lottery tickets, online draws and dizzying jackpots have long captivated users with their convenience, simplicity, instant results and great opportunities.

Advantages of Online Lottery

Lotteries came to the online around the mid-1990s, when the Internet began to gain mass popularity. There are several main advantages of online lotteries:

  1. Availability. Since the lotteries have appeared online, playing them every day becomes more interesting, easier and more exciting. No need to go somewhere and spend time on buying a ticket and then wait for the draw. The Internet allows to play it 24/7 from anywhere in the world. And with the development of mobile devices, lotto has become massively available literally 'on the go'.
  2. Convenience and Additional Features. Online lotteries are in demand both in the midst of professional players with great experience, as well as among beginners. The latest Internet provides almost unlimited opportunities to learn rules, conditions and statistics of winnings. And professionals can practice on a huge number of different varieties of lotto offered today. In this case, players save a lot of time by buying lottery tickets online.
  3. Statistics. Experienced players argue that the most effective is to choose numbers not at random, but based on the analysis of statistical data. And it is impossible to find this information in the offline. While on the Internet, these possibilities are simply endless. All statistics are collected, organized and systematized on the sites offering the lottery game. Thanks to them, the player can easily calculate which numbers fall out more often, and which - less often, and also, he has the opportunity to study the largest/lowest numbers, their amounts in circulation. As a result, the user chooses the ones that give him a better chance of winning.
  4. Open access to the data on the prize. Moreover, online lotteries give the opportunity to keep track of the change of the prize fund in real time; You can see if the jackpot is growing (and its rate).
  5.  Group Play Possibility. To do this, online lotteries provide the widest possible opportunities. Players do not need to be specially assembled, keep records on who, how much and when made money; All this is updated on the site automatically. You only have to go in, choose the desired number of shares in the game – and pay.
  6. Scalability Another advantage of online lotteries is that you can play the lottery of any country on par with local players.

Analysis of the volume and dynamics of the lottery market growth in the world

In general, the share of online in the global gambling market is steadily growing and today, according to different data, is about 10 – 15%. According to the studies of H2 Gambling Capital, this figure was 8.8% in 2014.

A similar picture is observed in the segment of lotteries. At the moment, the statistics shows that online lotteries are still significantly inferior to their offline colleagues. However, the share in the network continues to increase with each year in relation to land based lotteries.

According to the data of the research company H2 Gambling Capital for 2015, published on the portal, the share of lotteries was 31.4% in the offline segment of the gambling business. And in the network – just over 10% of all online gambling.

The year 2015 was a peak for the online lottery industry. According to H2 Gambling Capital for 2016, it can be seen that, despite the overall growth of the share of online gambling, the online lottery market showed a slight decline. On the Internet, the market leader continues to remain betting (48.7%), which in absolute numbers is 19.5 billion euros of income for 2016.

The same fact is confirmed by the data of the World Lottery Association, WLA. Its research has shown that the share of lotteries around the world has reached a very modest value by early 2017. The total growth of all sales of lottery tickets in the world (online and offline) in the first quarter of 2017 was only 0.9% in comparison with the same period a year earlier.

The dynamics of the lottery market by regions of the world on the basis of data analysis for the first quarter of 2017 is as follows:

As can be seen, a remarkable growth in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America at the level of 5 – 10% was "compensated" by the decline in sales in North America and the stagnation of the market in Europe.

In North America, a serious decline in the lottery market was recorded in early 2017. But, as experts note, a year earlier (in the first quarter of 2016) this region recorded a record growth of the lottery segment - $1.6 billion.

However, if we compare the WLA data for 2014 and 2017, we can say that the growth rate of the lottery business has been declining for the other regions as well.

  • Latin America in 2014 showed an increase of 23.3%, and in 2017 - only 5.8%;
  • Asia-Pacific Region: 15.6% and 5.4% respectively;
  • Europe: 5.1% growth in 2014 and 0.9% decline in 2017;
  • North America: Growth 0.4% in 2014 and a decrease of 7.2% in 2017;
  • Africa is the only region that has been showing a steady growth of the lottery market over the years. In 2014, the increase by 3.8%, and in 2017 - already by 9.4%.

Types of Lotteries

Nowadays, online gamblers can choose from a great variety of lotteries. For example, the InBet developer offers different types of such popular lotteries as keno and bingo. Moreover, recently, the lottery ticket vending machines have become extremely popular.

Let's take a closer look at the most popular types of lotteries.


In classic bingo from InBet, the user gets a card with random numbers. Then, the numbered balls fall out and the player has to match them to the corresponding numbers on the cards.

The main point here is to match all the numbers on the line in several directions: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The one who copes with this faster – wins.

Every type of bingo has its features and rules. There may be 75, 80 or 90 balls in the game. Sometimes, bingo consists of several rounds. In such case, the player uses several cards, which number can reach up to 100. In long rounds, the fields on the cards are filled automatically.

Bingo developers sometimes provide additional options that help the player increase the winning amount. There are additional bonuses, prize cards, etc. The endless variety of features and options in online bingo make this lottery more interesting, exciting and fun.


InBet suggests two types of keno: classic and modern.

Classic keno:

New keno:

Both gameplays are identical and at the same time similar to bingo. Balls with numbers fall out randomly and are displayed on the screen.

However, unlike bingo, in the keno lottery, the players on their own write the numbers on the card and mark them when the appropriate balls fall out.

The bottom line is that the user has to predict the combination of the numbers that will fall. The win depends on the quantity of guessed numbers. Therefore, in keno, you can apply certain strategies based on the statistical analysis and probability theory.

These days, the developers release a huge variety of online lotteries including both keno and bingo. They may differ from each other in interfaces, rules, bonus features and options. 

Instant lotteries

This trend has replaced the classic slot machines after their legislative ban in a number of the CIS countries. It quickly gained popularity, and today the related equipment can be found in many places of mass visit.

Lottery vending machines sell electronic tickets with an instant draw. The result of the winning is not generated by RNG, it is already on the ticket and this is the main difference between the slot and lottery vending machines. This is basically the same as classic lotteries with paper tickets.

Principles and rules of lotteries, their differences

Nowadays, many developers are engaged in the creation of lottery applications for gambling sites. They fully conform to modern trends: high-quality visuals, trendy design, sound and animation effects make the gameplay extremely exciting. Modern online lotteries sometimes as well include a thrilling storyline and footage.

The developers are sure to take into account the popularity of mobile platforms. Therefore, their online lotteries are instantly launched on smartphones and tablets.

In addition to various bonus programs, there is a great variety of rules. It is possible to choose the numbers; some types of games offer a different quantity of numbers, etc. Accordingly, these differences concern the prize, the providers can pay off from their own resources or use the money of other players; there may be flat or progressive jackpots.

But what brings together all these types of lotteries? They all work by lot. Also, as a rule, the ticket has a fixed price in all types of lotteries. And the draws are held in a certain, prearranged time.

Lottery legislation

Although, the Internet erases borders and allows anyone to take part in the lottery, the legislative attitude to the game is different in every country.

Only state lotteries are allowed in almost all European countries. If the organizers are a private company, they are obliged to have the appropriate license.

Lottery draws in Russia and the other CIS countries are also organized by the state. In accordance with the amendments to the Federal Law "On lotteries", which came into force in 2014, operating the lotteries via the Internet, as well as the organization of private lotteries are prohibited in Russia. This guarantees every player a timely payout of winnings and fraud protection.

Lottery in China is the only legislated form of gambling. They are also controlled by the state. The most popular lotteries – China Welfare Lottery and China Sports Lottery – were launched in 1997 and 1994.

U.S. law that regulates the lottery operation is very complex and is divided into federal and local statutory enactments. Important feature: it is necessary to purchase lottery tickets in the United States if you want to participate in the draw.

Also, according to the Interstate Wire Act of 1961, it is prohibited to sell the lottery tickets over the Internet. However, today, there are many agents ready to buy tickets of popular American lotteries for all interested people.

Analyzing the global legislative practice in terms of lottery regulation, we can say that the legal and state lotteries have proved to be the best. There are no losers in them. All parties win: the state collects the taxes or funds from the ticket sales, which are mainly spent on the social sphere (medicine, education, culture and sports), and the players in case of victory are guaranteed to be awarded cash prizes. 


Despite the slight lottery market disruption fixed in early 2017, the specialists of Slotegrator believe that this form of gambling has a promising future.

Lotteries provide players with the opportunity to win huge jackpots. This is confirmed by the fact that the circulation of tickets sold by world-famous lotteries is steadily growing. Daily news about multi-million prizes won by people all over the world encourage the users from different countries to buy the tickets and play.

The Slotegrator experts also note that online lotteries are not so dangerous in terms of addiction. The lotteries are held at a specific time; that’s why the players do not have such a powerful excitement and don’t lose control in case of a win. Recently, problem gambling has led to the ban on certain gambling activities in many countries; consequently, the lotteries have good chances for further successful development and great future in online gambling.