Motives and preferences of the players. Their attitude toward victory and failure. Superstitions, mental disorders, and casino tricks. We will discuss all this below.

Player's motives

There are many reasons why people are passionate about gambling. The reasons are all special, but among the most popular, there’s a craving for risk and success, a desire to assert themselves and to escape the monotony.

Players have additional motives to visit online casinos, prior to offline:

  • a way to kill time. Most users spend waiting time playing online casino games;
  • a way to earn. A quarter of gamblers play to win and break the jackpot;
  • have fun. The computers, tablets, and smartphones for most users have become entertainment centers. Consequently, one in ten does not play strategy games and quests, but gambles.

All players can be divided into three groups:

Magic of Slots: what does gravitate players toward "one-armed bandits?" 0

The main motivation uniting all three groups is the pleasure of the thrill of the competition and excitement.

Psychology of the game

The winning is not the main point in gambling. For a player, the process is important: a release of adrenaline and endorphins causes a joyful excitement, and the anticipated win adds some optimism.

The user is emotionally uplifted and feels confident and emancipated; moreover, faith in success eliminates negative emotions. Scientists call this state being in a second childhood, while recognizing the "adultiness" of their actions.

When they fail, they still experience a similar burst of emotion. This explains why people continue playing even during a series of failures.

However, any intervention destroys this euphoria: other people or phone calls do not allow the player to escape and cause irritation. This criterion is advantageous for the online casinos compared to the offline, as online casinos can provide an intimate environment where the player is alone with a slot machine.

Target audience

The target audience is a very important factor in the gambling business. The future choice of games, provider and payment systems depends on this.

Online gamblers can be divided into interest groups:

Magic of Slots: what does gravitate players toward "one-armed bandits?" 1

The audience is divided into three groups by gender and income level:

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Standing customers to the online casinos are mostly urban dwellers, and very rarely the suburbanites. In terms of gender division, in the US and Europe, 57% of the audience are male, 43% are women. In the Eastern European region, only one in five players is a woman. However, women's interest in online slots is constantly increasing: according to the augmentation index, the female audience is ahead of the male 1.5 times.

Developers do not stand in place and produce special women's slots, such as Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe, Diamond Dreams, Glam Life, Crazy Party.

Magic of Slots: what does gravitate players toward "one-armed bandits?" 3

The online gamblers are insistent and know what they want. They are making money out of their minds and appreciate the bright impressions.

Why they prefer slot machines

Slots are considered as the kings of gambling: the players most often select them, and their popularity is growing every year. Among the advantages of slots, there are ease of entry, lack of rules, and diversity. 

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What does a player follow when choosing a casino?

Statistics say that more than 70% of the users will change the casino, if they are offered more favorable terms.  The players named such key factors while choosing the casino, such as service reputation, number and quality of games, and availability of bonuses and prizes.

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Men are more likely to choose such slots like PlayBoy and Reel Strike. Women are in the heart of Lucky Lady's Charm, Hot City, Ladies night.

How the winner behaves

Scientists found out that playing the one-armed bandit gambler perceives as a pleasure. Therefore, for the user, the small rewards are rather a nice bonus to the game. However, the situation is changing dramatically during major gains.

When the user wins big money, adrenaline bursts and heart rate increases; at this moment the player is experiencing a "struggle, flight, or stupor syndrome." In this state, the winner can scream, leap and run, slam something.

In such moments, a person feels emotionally uplifted, with a strong self-esteem and self-awareness. After a while, the player feels tired and exhausted, that's all because of a sudden adrenaline rush.

Superstitions and interesting facts

Gambling enthusiasts may believe in some superstitions, although in real life they may not: lucky numbers, clothes, amulets, etc. One thing is clear: they do that despite the laws of probability.

Superstitions and strange signs:

  • do not lend before the game;
  • if the bird marked you it means that a stroke of luck waits for you;
  • if you turn on your computer with your left hand it will lead you on the path to money;
  • the crumbs in the keyboard foreshadow the proportionate gain;
  • using social media before the game foreshadows misfortune;
  • red cloths bring the luck;
  • meeting a black cat is a bad sign;
  • newcomers are always lucky;
  • to see a woman before the game is a sign of trouble;
  • by putting a handkerchief under the chair, you can change the inclination of the fortune;
  • the touch of a woman during the game foretells a failure;
  • luck leaves the player who, smoking a cigarette, puts a match across the match that has already been in the ashtray;
  • if your partner lost, you can't say "bad luck," otherwise the next game won't be lucky for you.

The gamblers do not stop on this and go further; they build different strategies, create formulas, and look for the luckiest slot. Though, each spin in the slot is randomly generated and has nothing to do with the previous moves.

Interesting facts for players also find scientists, among whom, gambling is a very popular research subject.

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What techniques use the online casinos to keep the gamer playing

Online casinos use special design and different bonuses to attract the customers.

Online convenience: The design, music, and interface of large game portals are designed to immerse the player into the offline-casino atmosphere. This approach is intended to hold a player and spark the interest.

Special color: many developers widely use the red color in the slot machines. It is considered to be arousing.

Artificial hype: over time, the player's activity decreases, which is why developers practice frequent small wins that constantly fuel interest in the game.

Welcome bonuses: this bonus rewards new players who haven't put their money on the account yet. Everything is clear here: the casino involves the customer in the gaming process.

Deposit bonuses: as soon as the customer puts in the money, they are rewarded with bonuses. They are calculated as a percentage of the deposit amount. Thus, the casino encourages users to top up their account.

How to deal with gambling addicts

Scientists have found that persons with mental disorders are susceptible to ludomania (pathological addiction to gambling). Experienced online casinos quickly identify such players and blacklist them or restrict access to the site.

In addition, many casinos make a 10 minutes pause that repeats every 50 minutes for the players to make breaks.

Addicts are at risk and have a negative impact on the image of the casino.


Slots are rather a personal entertainment than a way to earn. Real money bets only add adrenaline and new emotions to the game. When gambling, users forget about the problems, feel alleviation and emotional uplift.

The players perceive their loss as a charge for the emotions they have received. In addition, it also brings some fun.