Today 1xBet is perhaps the most successful Russian-speaking betting project on the Internet. What do the owners of the project focus on? What attendance rate has been reached? Which methods of Internet promotion are the most effective for betting companies? All these issues have been analyzed by the company Slotegrator. Our experts have studied the statistics of domain, currently hosting the main site 1xBet. The data provided in the review displays the statistics without taking into account the mirror sites.

1xBet's Forum Info

1xBet is the Russian betting company with more than ten years of experience. It is considered as one of the youngest and the fastest growing companies on the betting market. 1xBet has gained the maximum popularity among the CIS countries. According to its owners, the 1xBet’s client base has already exceeded 100 000 people. And this is not the limit, as the company continues developing.

The site is developed at the highest professional level providing a convenient intuitive navigation, and is available in more than 10 languages.

The site

Wide betting line

Great attention is paid to the permanent improvement of the web portal, as well as to the expansion of the range of services. Today 1xBet betting line includes almost all kinds of sports and performs much wider list of events than its competitors. Such a variety of bets attracts a huge number of experts, professionally engaged in forecasts, due to whom 1xBet gets the highest positions in ratings of the best Russian betting providers. In addition, this portal offers betting on non-sports events, such as weather, politics, and show business.

Bonuses and special offers for customers

Additionally to offering a wide range of services, 1xBet attracts visitors with various bonuses, all kinds of promotions attributed to large-scale sports events and good slogans performed even better than in the majority of Western betting companies.

Professional bettors are attracted by a low margin of certain results. And the opportunity to sell back a bet, that was not placed, can be considered as a method of making a profit or going into minimum negative.

Legislative features of 1xBet’s activities

Due to the fact that online betting business is prohibited in the several CIS countries, 1xBet provides a wide range of mirror sites actively informing its customers on how to get around any limitations.

Currently, 1xBet has an official licensed partner - the legal betting company, called "1xStavka", operating in accordance with all legislative norms of the Russian Federation and Roskomnadzor laws. However, the citizens of the Russian Federation are officially allowed to bet at this website.

As for the rest of CIS countries, where 1xBet is also very popular, the situation is more complicated. The website is frequently blocked by the governments of Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Therefore, the owners constantly inform users on the existence of “mirrors”, and also spread tips about special browser settings allowing them to bypass providers’ blocks. It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Rather than any others, these browsers provide enough opportunities to outsmart the Internet service provider. It is also recommended to substitute the IP-addresses, so that the user can hide his actual location.

Mobile Version

The mobile version of website has a specific subdomain and offers a friendly interface, pretty easy navigation, and fast loading. It is also possible to install a mobile application of the same type.


Financial transactions (deposit account replenishment and earnings withdrawal) are executed in the most popular and convenient ways: a bank card or any other payment system - WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Skrill, Neteller, etc.

Customer Service

The customer service operates around the clock within an online chat available 24/7, including support of customers by phone or via e-mail. Moreover, a user can order a callback or install a special desktop program.

Related Projects

Recently, 1xBet has launched two projects named 1xZone and Multi-Live, which allow users to watch online high quality broadcasts of matches and various sports events. The service is available even for the visitors who are not actually registered at

In addition to betting services, there are various entertainments at 1xBet, such as online games, slots, casino, Forex, etc.

Competitive advantages of 1xBet online betting

  • 1xBet website provides a wide range of functions and is easy in use.
  • On hand support service detecting erroneous actions made by the betting company in relation to a user.
  • Popular payment systems to carry out payments and withdraw funds.
  • A competent marketing campaign, including promotions and bonuses, ensures the high popularity and loyalty of visitors.
  • Qualitative referral system allows the users to benefit not only from their own bets, but also from activities of the rest of visitors registered through referral links.

Traffic Data of 1xBet’s domain

The statistics of all incoming traffic displays: the total number of visits accounts for 1.9 million; number of unique visits - 430.7 thousand; the average number of pages viewed per visit is 13.37; the average time spent on the site is 36.5 minutes; the average failure rate is 20.31%. All data is presented for January 2017.

Traffic Data of 1xBet’s domain
Apparently, the curve indicates excellent quality of the incoming traffic: high rates of staying at the site and low bounce rate. In other words: the main visitors of are people who know exactly where they are going and for what purpose. The amount of random visits is minimal.

The graph below shows the traffic changes by month for the period from April 2016 to January 2017.

The traffic changes by month for the period from April 2016 to January 2017

It is evident that due to the large-scale advertising campaign held in November, the popularity and attendance of the site doubled.

The following graph shows the main sources of traffic and their percentage distribution:

The main sources of traffic and their percentage distribution

Direct Traffic

As you can see, more than 75% of visitors came from “direct”. This kind of traffic is considered as the most qualitative one. Due to a proper advertising campaign, the name of 1xBet betting office is well known in the world. Therefore, the resource places its ads right in the address bar of a browser or uses the a previously saved bookmark without resorting to search systems, referral links, etc.

Search Traffic

However, the search systems bring in more than 15% of traffic in terms of their efficiency. The distribution of organic traffic from search engines is the following:

The distribution of organic traffic from search engines

Top 20 competitors according to search results:

Top 20 competitors according to search results

Top 20 keywords bringing the most significant amounts of traffic:

Top 20 keywords bringing the most significant amounts of traffic

Social Traffic

As you can see, social networks bring very insignificant volumes of traffic – 1% out of total traffic belongs to “Vkontakte” and "Facebook". The rest of social networks bring minimal volumes of traffic, so they are not even included in the statistical data, since their total values are compared in value to statistical errors. The traffic distribution of social networks is the following:

The traffic distribution of social networks

Referral Traffic

Another very effective marketing tool, repeatedly mentioned by the Slotegrator’s experts, is referral programs and display advertising. Due to professionalism of 1xВet crew, referral links give more than 7% of the incoming traffic.

Top 20 referrals (sites with the largest traffic from referral links):

Top 20 referrals (sites with the largest traffic from referral links)

Geography of Incoming Traffic

Traffic distribution by countries (top-10):

Traffic distribution by countries (top-10)

Even taking into account all the limitations imposed on CIS countries, they confidently enter into 10 leading sources of traffic.

Overview of statistics on website links

This part of the review focuses on the reference weight - the number of sites (domain names), as well as the links leading directly to website.

This graph shows an increase in number of sites with backlinks to the 1xBet:

An increase in number of sites with backlinks to the 1xBet

The following graph shows a steady increase in the number of pages with backlinks to

A steady increase in the number of pages with backlinks to

In November of 2016, the 1xBet team ran a large-scale marketing campaign that caused, among other things, notable growth in numbers of backlinks. At the moment, the statistical data proves that there are more than 15 million of them on the network. This is a very impressive amount that covers a full-scale range of Internet users.

Distribution of backlink domain names by Internet zones and geographical location:

Distribution of backlink domain names by Internet zones and geographical location

Distribution of referral links:

Distribution of referral links

As it can be seen from the chart above, most of the links, leading to website, are located on resources with poor ratings. In other words, these links are not located on popular Internet resources.


Today, a competent marketing strategy is crucial in order to create a successful online project. It is necessary to study your target audience, its main preferences, and the most effective ways of information delivery.

Analysis of 1xBet’s success as an online project shows that the usage of standard advertising methods contributes to brand awareness, and thus, brings in ¾ of all traffic in a form of direct clicks. Also, an important role is played by programs aimed not only at attracting, but also at retaining audiences.
Slotegrator’s experts keep monitoring the market in order to study all the basic preferences of the audience. Thus, aggregator’s customers get high-quality recommendations for creation and promotion of online gambling websites, based on analytical data, high professionalism, and years of Slotegrator´s experience.