The company Slotegrator, being a leading distributor of software and platforms for online casinos, presents a review of one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the iGaming industry – mobile iGaming. The following material provides a detailed analysis of recent data and major sectors of the industry, wins and their distribution by region. Additionally, you may find expert opinions and expected estimates.

Article summary

  1. Growth of the iGaming industry
  2. Distribution by region
  3. Mobile gambling
  4. Distribution of mobile gambling by region
  5. Conclusion

Gambling industry has been gradually evolving along with steady development of IT technologies. Within the advent and popularization of the World Wide Web, the said industry has reached a brand new level of development. The first online casino was launched in the US in 1997.

In the era of globalization and ubiquitous wire communication channels, online casinos became so popular due to their limitless possibilities. Millions of gamblers all over the world get a chance to gamble, having no need to leave their homes or offices. So the popularity of online gambling keeps increasing, bringing significant incomes to online gambling houses.

Within gradual growth of mobile Internet popularity, online casinos started focusing on this very segment offering their clients brand new gaming solutions.

Nowadays, practically all operators of online gaming platforms provide mobile versions of popular online games on their official websites. Users of tablets and smartphones can quickly access any casino game including roulette, board games or slots.

Gambling markets, in their turn, year by year show sustainable growth. While in 2007 the total revenue out of gambling accounted for $16 bill., by 2015 this number boosted to $81,5 bill. Particularly $37 bill. out of total wins fall within online gambling. The recent analytical data provided by the company Newzoo points to general growth of the gambling industry that only keeps increasing by 8% annually.

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