Key Europeans gambling markets in such EU countries as Italy, Spain, and France, become more and more tolerant regarding gambling policy and are obligatorily regulated. In other European countries the market situation is similar or going to be the same (Germany, Sweden etc.).      

Operators establishing their businesses in states that are only on the way to modernization and full market development follow leaders so we offer a comparative market analysis of three leading industry representatives – France, Italy and Spain – towards various key figures of their work.         

Sports betting

Since the fourth quarter of 2014, the main gambling revenue has grown in Spain and France.

The French market has reached the highest performance within the World championship.

After a small recession gambling market revenues increased to EUR 82 million in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Online poker

There is also online poker revenue growth at four regulated European markets in almost equally measure. The only exception is Spain showing relatively poor results.

French online gambling market

In France gambling market liberalization process has already started in 2011. The most significant gambling areas of this country are: 

  • Online sports betting – became publicly available but the retail sector is controlled by the monopoly of the government lottery. 
  • Horse race betting – is permitted only in betting pools via Internet. The retail sector is regulated by PMU.   
  • Online poker – includes tournaments and games for money.

In 2014-2015, there has been a stable development of all market segments including a significant growth within summer months and the World championship.       

In 2015, revenues at the market increased by 4% to EUR 756 million: sports betting – EUR 270 million (+19%), horse race betting – EUR 254 million (-1%) and poker – 232 million (-4%).       

The amount of gambling licenses

At February 2016, the amount of gambling licenses was the following:

  • There are 16 online gambling licenses at the French market. In comparison with March when there were 22 operating licenses, this indicator has decreased. 
  • Comparative figures of gambling licenses issuing are the following: 11 licenses for sports betting (8 in March 2913), 8 licenses for horse race betting (7 in March 2013) and 10 licenses for poker (17 in March 2013).
  • 28 websites at the market belong to licenses owners (50 in March 2013).

Danish online gambling market

The Danish gambling market was partially liberalized in 2012. Main online gambling areas include: 

  • Betting – in the fourth quarter of 2015, a total revenue was EUR 75.1 million (in comparison with the same quarter of the previous year, it has increased by 32%). It is important to keep in mind that betting licenses include both online and retail sectors, so these figures refer to both types of betting.   
  • Online casino – in the fourth quarter of 2015, revenue was increased by 27% in comparison with the previous year and reached EUR 41.6 million.  

Poker – in the fourth quarter of 2015, revenue was EUR 5.4 million without changing percent figures. 

The amount of gambling licenses

In March 2016, the amount of gambling licenses in Denmark included:

  • 14 betting licenses and 24 online casino/poker licenses.
  • Altogether, there are 110 licensed websites at the market.