Every aspect of the gambling industry is suffering from the coronavirus outbreak - except for a few that are uniquely suited to the current online boom. Foremost among them is the live dealer sector, where operators are seeing huge spikes in demand. Current circumstances indicate that live dealer game studios are not only surviving but thriving - and will very likely be well-positioned for the post-crisis world.

The coronavirus pandemic has assaulted all sectors of the global economy, taking an especially devastating toll on businesses that depend on drawing a crowd - and the gambling sector is no exception. With the widespread closures of land-based casinos and cancelations of major sporting events, gambling and sports betting businesses are backed into a corner.

The online sector is filling the gap left by brick-and-mortar casinos and virtual sports are offering an alternative to live sports, but one niche that brings together both the live and virtual worlds is thriving - live dealer casinos. Not only can live dealer products provide a vital source of revenue to help operators ride out the crisis, they could very well make them better equipped for the altered landscape the pandemic will leave in its wake.

One of the appeals of live dealer games is the face-to-face interaction with the dealer - an element that is taking on an added importance during the quarantine, lockdown, and isolation measures that have gone into effect across the globe. Demand for live dealer games is increasing, likely driven in large part by lovers of land-based casinos who mistrust RNG-based games.

As with any other business, game developers must be mindful of the risks involved, maintaining strict standards of health and safety for their employees and adhering to social responsibility guidelines. One live dealer games provider, BetGames.TV, is experiencing skyrocketing demand for their products as the crisis continues.

BetGames.TV Adapts and Grows

While land-based casinos across the world have been shuttered, BetGames.TV’s daily operations have continued unabated, with demand for their live dealer products staying strong - and even increasing.

Across the globe, the number of players using BetGames.TV’s live dealer products has increased by 30%. From March 2019 to March 2020, BetGames.TV saw increases of more than 600% in bet counts for some of its most popular products, including a 675% increase in bet counts for the fast and simple game Dice Duel. The company has also seen an increase of more than 200% in new user accounts.

These staggering statistics illustrate the same conclusion that common sense would point to: in good times and in bad, whether casinos are open and closed, with sports or without them, the will to bet will never die. But the sudden influx of new bettors and spike in activity could be more than just a flash in the pan - it could be the spark that lights the next fire. Live dealer providers are in the game for the long haul, and BetGames.TV is not only playing its part in the current situation, but setting the stage for what’s to come.

The provider is taking the opportunity to assess what direction future innovations could move in, as the crisis has served to clarify and emphasize the critical role that technology and innovation play in the modern economy. In a recent press release, BetGames.TV announced that a policy of “market adaptation and business model reassessment” is the best way for businesses to not only survive the crisis but come out the other side with something to show for it, adding that the company is adapting to “the new reality of alternative products playing a larger role in the betting markets across the world.” Given the current circumstances, BetGames.TV should be preparing for a reality where their games, like Lucky 7, Wheel of Fortune, War of Bets, and Bet on Poker, are in consistent high demand.

The company plans to move forward through the crisis by focusing on being flexible and adaptable, providing its services as smoothly as possible while focusing on the next realms of innovation. BetGames.TV COO Aiste Garneviciene said in the press release that “It is important to remember that while all crisis situations are different, they all end sooner or later, and businesses have to adapt in order to survive and even evolve in some cases”. Given the swelling numbers of new users, the next stage of the company’s evolution is likely to have a large and enthusiastic audience.

BetGames.TV is exercising extreme caution when it comes to the health and safety of the company’s employees. While the coronavirus pandemic continues, the studios are rigorously cleaned and disinfected and employees are given copious amounts of hand sanitizer. The company clearly feels a profound sense of responsibility for its employees, even going as far as stockpiling respirators for them (which would certainly make a unique costume for a blackjack dealer).

Those who play together, stay together

Some forms of betting have a seemingly eternal appeal, like betting on football or horseracing. But as times and technologies change, so do people’s appetites. The football punters of one hundred years ago would have had a hard time even grasping the concept of live dealer games, but countless quarantined 21st-century punters are falling in love with them.

While they don’t have the same established history as other forms of betting, this could be the moment live casinos take their place in players’ hearts. Operators looking to persevere through the crisis should also keep their eye on the future, as players who try live dealer games for the first time during the pandemic could very well keep coming back once the crisis is over.

Live casino providers are one of the only sectors to not only avoid complete devastation but even see increased activity - and revenues. In addition to experiencing increased demand during the crisis at the expense of other sectors, there’s every possibility that live dealer providers like Evolution, BetGames.TV, Vivo Gaming, and XPG will not only have survived the crisis, but find themselves in a more dominant position than before.

The elements of live dealer casino games that make them so well-suited to the current crisis are the same strengths that make them a solid investment regardless of whether or not there’s a global pandemic:
  • Wide appeal
    Younger generations that grew up online and older generations of traditional players will both find something to like with live dealer games, as new technology provides a fresh take on a classic form of entertainment.
  • Variety
    Casino operators looking to branch out from their slot offerings can bring a new experience to their platform with live dealer games. Slot players or sports bettors who are tired of the same old, same old will relish the chance for something new.
  • A sense of community
    A sense of connection with other people can make any experience come alive. Players can chat with each other and the dealer, recreating the buzzing atmosphere of the casino floor (and getting some interpersonal contact they’re surely missing at the moment).
  • Innovative new forms of gaming
    Live dealer game developers don’t limit themselves to online versions of traditional games. They take the opportunity to create inspired new forms of gaming.
  • Transparent gameplay
    Players like how they can clearly see that the games have a fair outcome. This is one reason live dealer games first took off in Asia, where there is a cultural mistrust of RNG-based games, as players are less sure they can trust the outcome.
  • 24/7 accessibility
    The current situation aside, the 24/7 access that live dealer studios offer lets players gamble on their own time, according to their own schedule, and the state-of-the-art technology that live dealer providers use means that the experience is just as vivid on a mobile phone screen as it is on a laptop.
  • Revenue growth
    Live dealer providers were already enjoying increases in revenues before the outbreak. Even if revenue growth returns to its pre-crisis rates, operators who offer live dealer games will.

Adding live dealer products to your online casino is one of the safest options to stay afloat during the crisis. Live casino games have a powerful appeal for land-based casino players who are deprived of the opportunity to visit their favorite gaming establishment and sports bettors with almost nothing to wager on - two demographics in abundance at the moment. In all likelihood, players won’t forget the live dealer experience that took their mind off their troubles when they most needed it. Make the most of a bad situation and provide your players with some much needed entertainment by integrating live dealer products into your casino today.

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