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Article summary

  1. Online casino board games

Let’s have a closer look at board games.

Online casino board games

The most popular:

  • Poker
  • Black Jack
  • Roulette
  • Pool
  • Narde
  • Dice
  • Dominoes

These online games arise from either traditional land-based casinos or our own homes. Poker, blackjack and roulette definitely descended from casinos while narde, dice and dominoes have always been popular games played at home and form a so called “non-gambling” part.

The most popular online casino games are blackjack and roulette. They make up an essential part of any gambling house being offered by various developers, that’s why they are very easy to purchase and integrate. Usually they are  categorized as games of luck.

The second category of games requires special skills from the player,  that is why they are known under the name of games of skills. Moreover, these games are  classified as «player to player» games because their main principle lies in a constant competition between two or more players. 

If pool is pretty  popular in online format, in contrast to that, such games as narde, dice and dominoes seem to be a real “black swan” as long as they are quite rare and not easy to find on gambling markets.

Slotegrator, being and aggregator containing the best gambling providers, collaborates with Table10 Games, a famous provider catering board games for online casinos.

Board games varieties

Board games might   be divided into two types:

  • Live dealer game (gambling with a real dealer);
  • Game  with a robot (gambling with a programme).

Players gambling in online casinos and trying out board games do not actually like playing them with robots, this is the main reason why this type of games in the said format is not that popular. It makes the whole process uninteresting for the user, because it remains not very clear whom he/she is playing with: against a machine, computer or a system that is applying an already tried and tested algorithm. Subsequently, the maximum interest is provoked by the games that purport playing with the same kind of opponent, implying a real living person. Let’s have a closer look at the following games.


It is an extremely popular game having numerous modifications and varieties. And this fact has to be taken into consideration. For instance, certain audiences have certain tastes in video poker: it might be either Jacks or Better poker game or Joker Poker (a game that involves joker adding), or Aces and Faces, etc.

One should take into consideration certain game peculiarities while making a proposal on the market.

Here is a more detailed description of what Table10 Games currently offer. The main case contains already existing  games:

  • Pool 8 (billiards, eightball)
  • 3 card poker
  • Seka
  • Dominoes
  • Texas Hold’em poker (Texas Holdem, poker)

Moreover, there are two more coming soon: narde (Narde) and dice (Dice).

Table 10 Games comment: “We are trying to equip our products with the most realistic graphics and technologies, so that any person can feel the whole process of the game as if it was real. This is the main concern while developing and elaboration of the product” .

Let´s have a closer look at each game.


This screenshot represents a typical interface for the game of two users. The main elements: an area reflecting the total USER BALANCE, a BANK and Game ID, options that a player can use while having questions concerning the game or contact support services.

Here you can also see an area providing a menu of SETTINGS and LEAVE ROOM, which is a way to quit the game. The whole interface is quite easy to understand. User balance can be altered online which is very handy if you are playing a couple of games simultaneously.

For instance, if a player banked on in pool and won there, he or she can use money for the rest of existing games such as three card poker, seka, dominoes, etc.   

Three card poker

Here you might see two versions: 1 hand play an 5 hands play. This very interface differs a little from the one designed for the game that involves the rest of users. Here you play with a dealer, so it turns out to be not a game between two living people, but a game of a user and a computer. On the screenshot, you may see a set of cards belonging to the user.


Seka is famous for its wide set of rules and modifications for creating a table. This example illustrates a case where developers managed to create a maximum set. For instance: 7 or 10 seats, settings regulating the quantity of jokers (zero, two, four, etc. up to user’s wishes), playing “openly” or “blind” game, presence of winning combination  777, different card priority grade (according to suit, rank or both). All of that allows maximum involvement into the game process, according to the tastes and wishes of the gambler.


The interface looks as follows: it is supplemented by a LOG that remains in its place up to the very end of the game and after. That implies that all the players are able to watch the whole process of the game, track their failures and winnings and alter their strategies of play, etc. Players have also a possibility to add watchers that have an opportunity to comment, discuss, show something to the rest of the players in the current game or simply talk to each other. All of the said above contributes to the creation of a real community online and make sure that the game feels real.

Тexas poker

Screenshots depict two versions of the table: 5 seat table and 9 seat table. Here you might notice a very important feature, especially for beginners - a card combination (situated in the bottom right corner). So, people who actually have no clue how to play poker can get valuable tips that might help him/her understand and master the game process.


This game is going to be launched very soon. Its interface was a little bit changed by the developers. The upper part corner remains unchanged as in previous versions. The main changes can be seen while observing the bottom part of the screen. So, the whole pace of the game moves from the top right corner to the right bottom corner; the same principle is kept while the player is moving checkers. Developers allocated all the elements of the interface particularly this way to make the user  feel comfortable with their disposition. In the bottom right corner players might notice a button resembling dice that gives them an instinctive understanding of the game. Another thing that he/she simultaneously notices is the dice combination, time, onfall and score (provided that it’s a multi-round version). Currently developers are working on the classical long narde as well as the short ones. 

Why is it necessary to incorporate board games into your project?

There are three main reasons why online-casinos should integrate board games:

  • Variety
  • Gambling with real users
  • Helps to hold down the gambler in the project

Let´s take a closer look at each of them.


A player visits the webpage and is aimed at spending time and   money with pleasure. That is the main reason he/she wants to try out as many games as possible: games with real dealers, slots, etc. When he/she is already “fed up” with all those games , it is possible to switch to the section where one can play with the rest of real users.

Games with real users

Real communication is of paramount importance for every person. People find it interesting to play with someone alike, discuss big failures and winnings. That is the main reason why player  to player board games seem more appealing. Sometimes gamblers join a project just because of communication. That happens because he/she misses talking to the player he used to chat with before and wants to share something new. Tracking this trend helps creating separate communities with their own users in any  project.

How to hold down a player in a project

In other words, the main objective is to make the player gamble longer and more frequently, so that he constantly visits this website. Moreover, we are not talking about average 4-5 minutes, but 10-11 or even 20 minutes and longer, depending on the type of game he/she is playing and how exciting it is.

Board games market statistics

Let´s make a short review of the statistics describing trends peculiar to CIS market. It should be argued that approximately 40% of the population on this territory had a possibility to try out online-casino games. Approximately 20%   out of 40 chose precisely board games and 16% selected slots. Board games are more popular among middle-aged people and this category is divided in terms of percentage and tastes into those who adore board games (that makes up about 25%) and  those who prefer slots(approximately 12 %).

Young generation is more into slots than card games and board games. That’s why marketing information is so important while making a commercial proposal on various markets. It is necessary to understand and know whom you are  targeted at, who your target player is, what category should be attracted and sought. 

How to make profit  out of board games

Of course, every operator is interested in  finding a player that   might want   to play this or that kind of a board game. Say, pool or narde. The answer is quite trivial: you should turn to the services of affiliate companies and marketing experts. But getting a big amount of traffic from a website is not the ultimate target. No. What’s more important is to hold down a player in this very casino and make him play on the regular basis. This issue deserves   special attention and a special marketing strategy.  Because only regularly gambling players bring lots of money, so their interests should be   taken into consideration above all.

Slotegrator´s specialists recommend the following aspects to be  added to the marketing strategy:

  • Regular tournaments;
  • Bonus plan;
  • Referral links;
  • Relevant  list of board games.

Regular tournaments are instrumental because they hold down a gambler for longer and make him come back to the webpage repeatedly: today, tomorrow, next week and so on. That might be tournaments with a prize fund   comprising   from $100 up to $1000.

And  once again: everything depends on who your player is and the amount of money he/she is ready to spend. There is a good practice taken from land-based casinos that includes a monthly lottery giving away cars. Proven record shows that a lion share of gamblers usually visits the webpage during lottery days or a tournament week.

If you hold a tournament on your own internet-platform, it gives you higher chances to attract more gamblers proving them that only your games are prize winning and profitable. 

The second point is the bonus system. It is not enough to attract someone’s attention  simply saying: “Here is the game, play it!” What’s more important is to specify: “Here’s the game and you can win (whatever prize)” or “You can get rich from this”. That´s  why it´s very important to focus on the gambling stimulation system. There might be various solutions and options in order to accomplish this. It might be anything that might interest and attract a gambler. A gambler might get bonuses in a casino, for instance, while playing for 2 hours Friday night. He might get 100 or 10 bonuses or any quantity of bonuses that he/she might spend or change for cash or any product.

Or, for instance,   he/she  has been playing during the whole week:  it might provide them with a special status  that can be used in exchange for  real money or  items.

Referral links  is something like “word of mouth”.  It is important to stimulate players to bring friends to join them in the game.  It works in the following way: if a gambler invited a friend   he is going to get money or a percent from  the deposit.

Why is it convenient? First  of all, this service is less costly for the casino itself than using services of various affiliate companies or marketing experts. Because if a standard affiliate company requires 40-50%, on contrary a referral link takes only 20-30%.  But everything, of course, depends on your own policies and strategies.

Gamblers trust referral links way more. Any person trusts more to a friend  who might have invited him/her to play a good game than to a link taken from a website or a social network. Due to this kind of invitation, it might be easier to keep holding down the gambler.

A relevant list of board games is a very important matter as well. You should take into consideration gambler’s background, his/her tastes and preferences as well as what kind of games, languages, currencies are preferable for them.

Speaking about “Narde”, it should be said that it won’t be commercially successful, for example, on the Western European market. But if it will be incorporated into the Georgian market, for example, it will pay off quite quickly because it is more profitable than poker.  This is the main reason why markets should be thoroughly studied (concerning traditional popular games, demand for certain types of games) in order to conquer them with a game that is still not present on it.

Advantages of board games for the gambler

  • You can always find someone to play with.
  • You have a chance to show your skills.
  • Vibes and sensations peculiar to a real game.
  • People play with people.

Anyway, why board games? You can always find someone to play, find an equal rival, feel the passion of a real game with a real person, exchange experience, and test your skills. 

What is important while choosing board games

  • Amazing graphics including those with HTML5.
  • Consistency of  operation.
  • Realitic visuals .
  • Conformity with international standards.
  • Player´s involvement.
  • Support service.

Flash, previously serving as a base   for developing games fades out being  pushed out by HTML5. In the meantime Table10 Games provides only one game of narde in HTML5, but very soon (as  the developer comments, approximately in 6 months ) all the games will be available in this format.

Consistency of operation is one of the key points that should  be mentioned. Every delay or a connection fault are fatal while playing player to player games. For example, all the games developed by Table10 Games, in case of a sudden disconnection, are equipped with a function of rerouting to the same table. This kind of function was designed particularly for the cases when customer’s internet connection is low or unstable.

This kind of device is integrated into both platform and interface of the game. For example, in Pool8, in case that one of the players got disconnected, he/she gets 2 minutes to rearrange connection back. When this occurs, a warning appears on the screen. If rerouting wasn’t executed in 2 minutes (warning table provides same instructions) the player who remained at the table automatically wins.

The same situation in Texas poker leads to discarding and   the unplugged player automatically leaves the table. But, actually , it’s a common rule. In case with tree card poker, no matter how long the player stayed unplugged, he/she can always come back, reconnect to the table and continue playing.

As for dominoes, a player has 30 seconds before the next turn . In 30 seconds he/she is automatically gets back to the table. Operators do don’t have any possibility to change the given time even while working in the areas that are not very good in terms of stability of the Internet connection.  In fact, this device is functioning `for the convenience of all the participants of the game. For example, if one user got disconnected, the other one won´t find it convenient to wait for 10 or 15 minutes, while his rival is rerouting.

Realistic visuals allow any person to get involved into the game and literally immerse into it. The maximum of reality makes gamblers feel whatever they could feel in real their real lives. 

Conformity with international standards allows providers to promote more games on bigger amounts of markets without too many concerns over various rules. For example, Pool 8 has many versions of rules   functioning in different states, but the rules set by World Pool-Billiard Association unify them all that allows players, for instance, from South America to play with gamblers from North America or Europe, etc.  

Player´s involvement and realistic visuals, technically, are interconnected. Usually, developers put much effort into bringing up two of these points.

Technical support is a matter of paramount importance in customer service. Everybody is aware of that. But  in this case support implies not only solving technical questions but also game improvement and modernization according to the needs of a separate operator.

Board games distinctive advantages over slots

  • Tuned-up rake

This function allows the operator to regulate casino incomes according to the demands. It is very convenient for the business flexibility. It is also necessary to inform clients on time. Casinos should inform their gamblers about their rakes. 

In case of the amount comprising  around 7 or 10 %, casinos should inform players in advance before the game starts, say, during registration.

When the player is able to track his/her bank it is obvious how much money is left in the bank, that explains what kind of rake was charged by the casino.

Gamblers should be  provided with trustworthy information. It’s a matter of transparency and plainness.

  • Tournaments. Their advantages for online casinos are more than obvious. For example, pool, poker and narde tournaments   might be targeted both at advertising and   activation of the existing gamblers.
  • Game Network. Table10 Games has already started  working actively on this trend. Network games – what are their main advantages? For example, let’s take a recently-opened casino that has not so many clients. As a result, players have no one to play with and do not really trust slots. What’s the outcome?  Through board games and integration into the gaming network you may create large quantities of opponents for your clients. You won’t be able to do the same thing in the rest of games. As a result, the total popularity of your online casino is going to go up with less expenses than while using standard methods of advertisement and promotion. This is an additional service that will be available soon. This service is turned off as a default. One should turn it on after contacting a provider. Moreover, Table10 Games provide an option of customization. It is possible to change skins, add project´s logo, for example, it can be added to the gambling table in the game pool 8 or put on  the gambling board of narde. In the nearest future there might be a possibility of changing back of cards. The developer is sticking to the requirements of the operators, trying to satisfy all their needs.  There is also a possibility of playing within different types of currencies,  bitcoins  and points.


Board games market is definitely quite big. Moreover, it is obvious that its potential is not  fully unlocked. There are many markets that can be taken as an example and should be developed and expanded. It takes only a little bit of imagination and a couple of good ideas in order to promote this product in terms of your project. Slotegrator provides assistance in selection and integration of the said board games. If you are willing to open a new project, but you still do not have аn appropriate platform ready for game installation, you should turn to Slotegrator. Their best experts are there to provide support and guidance in any form or by any means.