Current situation in gambling industry

To estimate a gambling business situation and predictions for the nearest year one has conducted a survey among representatives of the most various online gambling areas.   

The major part of European market experts said that the gambling situation for March 2016 was satisfactory. 59% of surveyed industry representatives including private operators, government lotteries representatives, online casino operators, bookmakers etc. assessed the industry environment in the same way. In addition, 41% of respondents said that the industry situation was good. It should be noted that figures have been improved in comparison with the previous year:         

As for predictions, for the following year, figures are changing but not largely, with satisfactory mark being increased only by several per cents:   

According to obtained data, most market representatives consider that the online gambling situation is steady and don’t wait any dramatic rise or critical changes in the industry in the near future. The assessment has been conducted by experts due to obtained planned revenues, audience accumulation and other indicators.       

Analysis of the most popular online gambling trends

At the contemporary stage of the online gambling market there is a huge potential of certain areas, which currently attract a majority of software developers and operators.  

  • Mobile casino becomes more and more popular taking on gambling markets of various countries. Gambling mobile boom is not new. This process has been already lasting for several years and steadily increasing mobile entertainment share at the market. Players are gladly moving towards mobile applications that provide a lot of opportunities and are not worse than desktop online casinos.

Mobile betting can be also referred to this very category. Sports betting on portable devices give players the main advantage – mobility and the opportunity to bet on sports event anytime and anywhere.            

  • Live betting. Live bets are also very popular. It is a special kind of betting, which distinguishing feature is the fact that a bookmaker allows to bet during the event rather than before it. The advantage is that an experienced player can analyze a game during the match and come to a well-considered decision.   
  • Mobile lotteries. It became even easier to buy lottery tickets using mobile applications and payment systems. A lot of draw game lovers choose this very option, especially as most government lotteries also provide this opportunity. 
  • Betting on e-Sports. One more trend that keeps increasingly developing not only in the USA but also in European and CIS countries. While computer game players become professionals, create their own leagues, hold world championships, more and more fans of this kind of sport bet on their favorites and win. 
  • Social real-money gambling. Social games are convenient, exciting and profitable. World social networks offer players plenty of opportunity for participating in tournament where they can win real money. 
  • Fantasy sport. Games where players create virtual teams and hold sports competition are currently as popular and high-demand as a real football, basketball etc. The same can be said about betting on various kinds of fantasy sport. The audience of those who bet on virtual teams is continually growing. The progress is rapidly developing so a new generation of players are looking for something innovative, offering new opportunities, and expanding horizons like fantasy sport.  
  • Virtual reality. Virtual casino where one can play with special glasses is relatively new gambling area but due to its efficiency and super reality becomes more and more popular. Nowadays, leading progressive software developers pay significant attention to this field allowing users to play poker, slots or visit online casino, which open almost new unlimited opportunities.       
  • Binary options. A binary option is one of the latest gambling trends. It is a bet made by a binary owner customer in order to determine whether his/her asset price will go up or down. If the prediction comes true, the customer will receive a profit, and otherwise will lose a binary option cost.         

The overall pattern of new and established trends of modern gambling by 2016 can be shown diagrammatically:   


The gambling industry is rapidly developing and steady, which is really important. The gambling area includes more and more innovative approaches that increase diversity of entertainments for players and offer new business profiles for entrepreneurs and investors.     

Currently, mobility is the main trend in gambling industry, which is involved in all of its types and keeps developing taking on even bigger market share. It is this trend that world software development brands, operators, bookmakers and other industry representative focus on.