The home page is crucial for online casinos. Its colour, structure and fonts make the first impression about the whole product. It is here where the user decides whether to stop and play or to pass by.

The site should be easy on the eye, understandable and without any critical mistakes. Poor design rejects the visitors, making them leave the site.

The Slotegrator team investigated a matter of color and style to describe the typical design mistakes of online casinos.

Unreadable text

The online casino site should inform the visitors clearly and intelligibly. Sometimes, it is impossible because of small font size, flat or too contrasting colours, harlequin background and lack of structure. To make the text legible and neat, we recommend following these simple rules:

Too complicated navigation

It shall be easy for the player to browse the site. This moment is of fundamental importance. Such things as the menu, buttons' disposition and names, the registration form, the text design should not raise any questions. 

Messy site

Follow the rule: keep it simple. Do not try to fully display the whole range of services on the same page. It annoys users. Games catalogue with descriptions, tartish banners, jackpot counters, pop-ups with appealing offers create a mess on the site and visitors simply leave it.

Aggressive animation

Numerous, colorful bumpers deflect attention away from the information, as well as slow down the website performance. Moreover, such animation recalls the annoying ads, so the users just block or ignore it.

Patchy design

When it comes to the online casino design, use simple colour schemes with a maximum of three to four colours. The palette must be clear, simple, and harmonise with black or white colours.

Slow page load time

Heavy graphic slows down the site loading. Therefore, we suggest limiting the number of animations and heavy pictures. No one will wait longer than a minute until the site opens. 

Low-quality images

The pictures have to agree with the message you are sending. They should inform as well as create the atmosphere and settle the mind, so make sure the pictures on your site look natural and engaging.

Uneven style

Incompatible elements on the site look ridiculous. Do not try to slip travel blog, news resource, online shop and the consulting agency page into your online casino. These are completely different platforms.

Wrong element arrangement

There are several simple models describing the user's behaviour on the site: F-pattern, Z-patterns and Gutenberg Diagram. Be sure to consider this aspect when placing the elements on your site.