Gambling preferences of different people were formed and have been evolving on par with traditions and cultural beliefs. In this very review, Slotegrator’s experts made an analysis of players’ current preferences by observing their typical choices by region, as well as their backgrounds that influenced by some of the historical circumstances.

Article summary

  1. African Countries
  2. Asian Countries
  3. European countries
  4. CIS Countries
  5. Current and future preferences in gambling

African Countries

Above all, the main reason for rapid development of gambling in Africa is local economic progress. Gambling along with tourism brings African countries significant incomes. Tunisia, South Africa, Egypt are considered as popular tourist destinations, so that most gambling establishments prefer operating on these territories. Tourists like gambling, and the variety of games of chance present in African casinos fully meets their needs. Betting terminals are officially legalized and available in three countries, as well as slots and poker terminals.

Among the most popular varieties of gambling there can be named betting, virtual sports, and various types of sweepstakes, including quite exotic ones, such as cockroach racing, dog racing, ladybug racing, etc.

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