Innovations by Amatic Industries: release of new products at ICE

Slotegrator’s current partner, an Austrian gaming company Amatic Industries, has yet again proved its leadership in the area of iGaming development by participating in ICE Totally Gaming held this very year in London. The said provider is constantly keeping the balance between sticking to traditional values and, at the same time, following business-oriented innovations of the future.

Offline sector products

Amatic Industries presented at the slot expo its latest innovative slots known as Performer Grand Arc slants and AMAROX C24. Design and construction of both machines have set new world-class quality standards. Smooth, sophisticated and stylish slots impressed with their visuals, as well as with their technological characteristics. Seems like they were designed to attract attention of gambling audiences at any gambling house. The newly integrated hardware platform HARDROX (HX) is highly productive, consistent in functioning and truly secure. All of that makes gambling on Performer Grand Arc slants and AMAROX C24 incredibly exciting, absolutely secure, and special.

Amatic has also prepared a brand new product for the Spanish gambling market – a slot machine called V24 with a 24-inch screen monitor. V24 is an ideal solution for game arcades and AWP. According to the representatives of the company, the successful performance of this product on the market opens new doors to its international commercialization.

An electronic roulette by Amatic

Another unique product presented by this provider in terms of ICE 2017 is an electronic roulette based on the platform HARDROX GRAND Jeu 24HX. This version of the game has been developed for the operators willing to benefit from company’s brand roulette, however, lacking enough space to install it in their gambling rooms. The GRAND Jeu 24HX version provides means for installing roulette terminals directly close to the walls. The game involves from 5 to 8 participants.


Brand MULTI GAME by Amatic is a combination of contemporary design, handy settings, synchronization with all types of gadgets and exciting gameplay. The same sort of online products can be found in the provider’s line called AMANET. AMANET catalogue is constantly expanding due to numerous gimmicks being added recently. The last releases include such slots as Enchanted Cleopatra, Fabulous Poseidon, Fruit Express, Pu Tai, Queen of the Jungle. The official presentation of slot machines took place at ICE 2017. All of the HTML5 games by AMANET were tested on offline segment and consequently integrated into online platforms of shared access.


Drawing a conclusion, Slotegrator admits that its partner Amatic possesses all the contemporary solutions both for online and offline gambling businesses. Amatic focuses on three main constituents of successful business development: secure innovations, creativity and design. Products by this Austrian developer stand out due to their unique qualities, high standards, multifunctionality and, first of all, profitability.

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Amatic software: add up a bit of perfection you your online casino!

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