Players with a passion for chivalry and adventure will love ELK’s new slot filled with medieval knights. With a wide range of fantastic features and gripping graphics, Micro Knights will take players on an epic adventure!


Micro Knights has brightly colored, attention-grabbing animation and a wide range of fantastic features that keep gameplay consistently exciting.

The story behind the game centers on three knights, Sir Smash, Sir Charge, and Sir Count, who are sent by King Chalcedony to defend the kingdom from all threats great and small.

Symbols drop down onto the 7x7 game board, and clusters of 5 or more symbols win. Winning combinations explode to make way for more symbols to drop down.

The game features a Symbol Queue where symbols are stored up to increase the chance of wins.

The Charging Knight randomly charges across the board and pushes all symbols that stand in his path into the Symbol Queue.

The Smashing Knight increases all the symbol groups in the queue by one whenever he smashes the game board with his mace.

The Counting Knight keeps track of the size of the wins and hands out features with his six different flags.

With the Inferno flag, all low-value symbols disappear, triggering a new avalanche of symbols. The Super Size flag drops a massive 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 symbol down on the board. The Epic Charge pushes all symbols off the board and into the queue, retriggering the avalanche. The Extra Wild flag drops 3-15 wild symbols on the board. The Charge flag pushes 2-5 rows of symbols into the queue. The Boosted Queue flag lets any symbol in the queue come into play regardless of the order the queue is in.

The appearance of 3 Crown symbols triggers a bonus game with 5 Free Drops.


  • Layout: 7x7
  • Paylines: Clusters of 5 or more symbols
  • RTP: 96%
  • Volatility: Medium-High
  • Languages: 20+

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