Tom Horn presents a unique new twist on an arcade classic in their new online “slot”. Spinball is an online slot that takes the form of a pinball machine for some retro-style fun. In addition to the classic soundtrack and animation, the game has some engaging features that combine the classic arcade experience with aspects of online slots.


Set against an interstellar background, Spinball takes the mechanics and mathematics of online slots and presents them in the format of a pinball machine. The game’s format is instantly recognizable as the ball is released into play and bounces around the normal pinball features, including bumpers and flippers.

New Game From Tom Horn: Spinball 0

The game’s retro graphics and soundtrack perfectly recreate the atmosphere of an arcade.

New Game From Tom Horn: Spinball 1

If a ball lands in the Free Spins Path, the player wins 5 Free Spins.

The Bouncers increase players’ chances to win.

New Game From Tom Horn: Spinball 2

The Left Ramp Booster offers a chance to increase the size of the win.

New Game From Tom Horn: Spinball 3


  • Layout: N/A (the game is designed to resemble a pinball machine)
  • Paylines: N/A (points are accumulated as the ball hits features in the machine)
  • RTP: 96%
  • Volatility: Low

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