The unique culture and traditions of the Maori people in the newest game by Endorphina

Maori is a new slot game by Endorphina , a well-known  Czech provider of gambling slots and one of Slotegrator’s long-standing partners. The developer will dip you up to the hilt into the ancient culture and peculiar traditions of New Zealand’s most mysterious indigenous communities called the Maori.  

It's no secret, this aboriginal population is worldwide famous for its striking features such  as independence, militancy and sacral cannibalism. As for the external or physical features of the said community, it can be arguably characterized by the presence of tattoos on the faces and bodies of its members. Particularly these markings show the status of a chief or a warrior, as well as serve a real test for stamina and endurance. Only chiefs of high standing could be honored with tattoos.

This is the kind of  plot Endorphina elaborated for its brand-new 5-reel an 9- line slot named Maori. The gimmick stands out due to its amazing and advanced graphics, excellent animation, colorful symbols, and dynamic gameplay.

Among the most mind-blowing features, we should pinpoint wild and scatter symbols, as well as special symbols generally boosting your chances to win. The highlight of Maori slot is its unlimited number of free spins that automatically activate threefold multipliers.

Free Spins session starts with the appearance of three or more scatter symbols on the screen. It will last until scatter-counter shows the last remaining element.

Dive into the most intriguing local community of New Zealand together with Slotegrator’s partner! You can check out the gimmick in the aggregator’s demo zone or while visiting Endorphina’s official website. If you have any questions about how to buy online casino games, please, do not hesitate to contact our managers via our online chat.

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