Victoria Wild Is in Search of Treasure

True Lab’s creations stand out from the pack, hitting the iGaming ground running with their original and inventive storylines, as well as their treasure chest full of game features that go far beyond the boundaries of classic slots. The new game from the developer, Victoria Wild, which guides players through the mysteries and dangers of the desert, is the product of some truly creative minds.


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Players will confront the elements of the desert landscape alongside Victoria Wild, the brave and adventurous main character of the slot, who is always geared up for any adversity on the road to a picturesque oasis. Meanwhile, another destination in the game’s vast landscape is the Lost Temple, which hides incredibly lavish and sacred riches. Just imagine, the Lost Temple in the very heart of the desert! Tell us, what are the odds of bumping into something like that? However unbelievable it sounds, in the walls of this temple, the slot’s most magical feature, called The Wheel of Desires, spins. However, the Wheel, desired by all, is reached only by the chosen few.

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Victoria Wild offers a 100% guarantee of total gameplay immersion! Every single well-rendered detail plays its role in achieving the genuine realism of the Wild West. Believe it or not, you’ll definitely feel even the slightest gusts of wind!

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Every move on the game board catches the eye - which in this case, only enhances the gaming experience, instead of distracting from it. Additionally, the slot’s top-quality animation, seamless spins, and sense of realism all recreate the experience of playing a PC video game. Not only that, but Victoria Wild also adds her pinch of beauty to the slot by watching every spin and reacting when the most notable events of the slot’s storyline come into play.


The slot’s multi-tiered system of features keeps players’ attention fixed on the reels. What’s also important is that there’s a map pinned to the board where players can track their progress towards the oasis, guiding seekers to a scenic isle where it is impossible not to drink in the bright green beauty of nature.

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However destructive Tornado Wilds look, in this game they are a very special elixir of life. Apart from the classic Wild properties, Tornado Wilds launch the Sandstorm feature if at least two tornadoes show up on the reel. Of course, the raging elements cannot be contained, and thus the Jumping Tornado Wild moves across the reels freely, with no obstacles in its way. And yet, you can never rule out the chance of a total wild explosion, which happens when two tornadoes collide! In this case, the tornado feature reaches its crescendo, triggering Re-Spins that come with Sticky Wilds.

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It’s all far more peaceful in the green oasis at the very heart of the slot’s desert. Is it real, or a mirage? Either way, if 25 or more oasis symbols fill in the oasis progress bar, they activate Oasis Free Spins, releasing the beauty of the sweeping and cascading Waterfall Wilds.

The Lost Temple, a Scatter symbol, reveals the mystery of the desert before the player’s very eyes. However, inside the temple, it is utterly dark, which makes it impossible to see anything - unless the player has Lamp Wilds in hand. After collecting at least 7 of these symbols, only the bravest ones discover the Secret Treasury feature with the slot’s most crucial gem, the Wheel of Desires.

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Also on the reels is the necessary equipment for a desert adventure, such as a motorbike, a revolver, a flask, and shoes. Additionally, the symbols include letters, on which scorpions, lizards, centipedes, and spiders are depicted. And there’s no doubt the slot would be far less alluring if Victoria Wild herself didn’t appear on the reels!


  • Layout: 3x5 - 3x6
  • Paylines: 15
  • RTP: 96.40%
  • Volatility: Medium

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