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10 mistakes operators make — and how to avoid them

Learn how to run a successful iGaming project and prevent the possible risks — this ebook provides 10 most common gambling operators’ mistakes to keep in mind when planning the business.

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Running a successful online casino is hard

There’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re running an online casino. And sometimes, the biggest problem is finding exactly what the problem is in the first place — sure, you know you’re bleeding players, but why, and where are they going? Our ebook zeroes in on 10 of the most common mistakes that online casino operators make, hitting on topics like licensing, game portfolios, promotion, marketing, and localization. Entrepreneurs still in the planning stages of their business and industry veterans looking to iron out the last few wrinkles in their business will find uncommon insights into the problems they face on a near-daily basis.

What you’ll learn

We collected the up-to-date information about the industry insights and operators’ mistakes to give you a clearer idea of:

  • Why the benefits of a license outweigh the costs
  • How to stand out from your competitors
  • Why bonuses and tournaments are player magnets
  • How payments can make or break your platform
  • Why the 3 keys to success are marketing, marketing, and marketing

Who is this ebook for?

Beginning operators planning their first project, gambling business owners struggling after the launch of casino, operators willing to study the industry insights

About the company

Slotegrator is a provider of omnichannel products for various verticals in the iGaming industry. Since 2012, we have been aggregating game content, business and technology solutions, and industry knowledge to enable clients to maximize their business’s potential. We don’t just provide business solutions - we go above and beyond to solve the client’s problem, no matter the challenges or circumstances. We take every opportunity to learn from and grow together with our employees, partners, and customers.

  • 12+ Years in the industry
  • 100+ Strategic partners
  • 150+ Successfully launched projects
  • 250+ Clients globally
  • 300+ Employees worldwide
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