Gambling involves only two outcomes. The first is winning — a positive result and the second is losing — another side of the coin that causes a lot of players' indignation. In the pursuit of the desired win, gamblers are willing to take risks and bet huge sums, often without thinking what will they get for such a love of gambling.

In this article, we will consider the biggest gambling losses in history over the past 30 years. We will tell you about sums lost by people whose luck eventually ran out.

Terry Watanabe: USD 205 million

Terry Watanabe heads the ranking of the biggest gambling losses. In 2007 in gambling houses of Las Vegas (Rio and Caesar's Palace), an American businessman lost a incredible amount of money − USD 205 million, which is 6% of the total annual profit of the establishments.

Terry was able to pay casino only half the sum, deciding that it will be enough. But, the owners of the entertainment complex appealed to the court. In turn, Terry filed a counterclaim, arguing that the gambling house deliberately incited his gambling addiction: encouraged his bad habits and provided free alcohol. Ultimately, two weeks before a court session, they managed to find a compromise, so the case was dismissed. According to international media, after the incident, Terry Watanabe went to Omaha and was treated for gambling addiction.

Kerry Parker: USD 28 million

Kerry Parker is known for the biggest gambling loss in British history. In 1999, Australia's richest man lost about USD 28 million at Crockford's Casino in London. Soon, Parker lost another USD 25 million playing roulette at one of the South-East England gambling houses in just one night.

Kerry had a distinctive feature − he never regretted his gambling losses and did not celebrate big wins. Many casinos were beware of him, as he could either empty or enrich a gambling establishment in a course of one night.

Frank Saracakis: USD 13 million

Passion for roulette betrayed the Greek automobile magnate Frank Sarakakis. In one night, he lost USD 13 million at Crockford's Casino in London.

Akio Kashiwagi: USD 10 million

Akio Kashiwagi is the world-known high roller, who preferred to play big. Thus, average baccarat bet of Akio was about USD 100-200 thousand. His record bet of USD 12 million took place ati Donald Trump’s casino in Atlantic City. However, this risk was not fruitful: in one evening, Akio lost at the casino USD 10 million and left with only USD 2 million.

Faroud al-Zayat: USD 3.5 million

Faroud al-Zayat, a Syrian nicknamed “Fat man,” has always been an avid fan of roulette and a loyal client of Aspinalls Casino, London. Within 15 minutes after opening an account, Faroud al-Zayat lost all GBP 500 thousand. Yet, that didn't stop him: the Syrian bought more chips for GBP 500 thousand, which he also lost later that night. In the end, he lost USD 3.5 million in the gambling house overnight.

Charles Barkley: USD 2.5 million

Charles Barkley, NBA TV analyst and one of the 50 greatest players in the history of the League, openly admitted that gambling is his besetting sin. Overall, the celebrity lost at the casino from USD 10 to 30 million. Also, Charles Barkley claims that during one six-hour blackjack game he lost USD 2.5 million.

Robert Maxwell: USD 2.4 million

Media magnate Robert Maxwell deservedly holds the title of the biggest roulette loser: in a few minutes at the London casino Ambassador, he lost USD 2.4 million.

Joe Francis: USD 2 million

Playing at the casino Wynn cost billionaire Joe Francis USD 2 million. However, the player refused to pay, and the gambling establishment's administration applied to the court. As a result, Joe lost much more money than if he paid right away.

Marco Johnston: USD 500,000

An ordinary American businessman Marco Johnson lost USD 500,000 at the casino in one night. The next morning, the American applied to the court against the gambling establishment, arguing that he drank a lot of alcohol, and he was unaware of what he was doing.

Gladys Knight: USD 40,000

Six-time Grammy award winner Gladys Knight could lose up to USD 40,000 in one night of blackjack and baccarat. It is assumed that during all the years of gambling avocationGladys lost more than USD 6 million.