While there are a few important steps they all have to take, every operator forges their own path when starting an online casino. However, even though there’s no one right way to start an online casino, there are plenty of wrong ways. In this blog post, Slotegrator will take you through 10 mistakes to avoid when starting an online casino.

Mistake 1: Teaming up with unreliable software developers

Ultimately, the strength of your casino will in a large part rely on your software provider. Partnering with an unreliable developer will create more problems than it solves and leave you with a lifeless, boring platform.

Mistake 2: Failing to diversify

Slots have a timeless appeal, but dedicated players will need a variety of gaming experiences to choose from. Operators that stick to video slots and forgo options like blackjack, baccarat, and live casino games will see their user numbers quickly dwindle.

Mistake 3: Skipping the license

Profitable online casinos and sportsbooks can find themselves in some complicated legal areas if they don’t acquire the proper license for the jurisdiction they operate in. Some governments even go so far as to blacklist sites that operate illegally.

Mistake 4: Offering insecure payment systems

Even operators that get a license, team up with reliable providers, and offer a variety of exciting games might find themselves floundering. How could that be? One possibility is failing to include secure, verified payment systems that players know they can trust.

Mistake 5: A poorly designed website

A visually unappealing website that’s difficult to navigate will quickly alienate players. To avoid that situation, many software providers offer elegant templates that can be customized with your brand.

Mistake 6: Inattentive customer support

There’s no quicker road to a bad reputation than neglecting your players. Online casinos that don’t offer their players sufficient customer support - preferably 24/7 - will see them simply migrate elsewhere.

Mistake 7: Poor Security

The online version of a casino heist is what first comes to mind, but the reality is that online casinos have a variety of complex cybersecurity issues to deal with. Hacking is a prime concern, but casinos that fail to take appropriate measures against player fraud committed via stolen identities will also run into trouble.

Mistake 8: Lack of differentiation

In a crowded market, if you don’t stand out, you’ll blend in - and then disappear. New platforms need to show players how they’re different from their competitors, whether by offering bigger bonuses, better VIP programs, or more innovative games.

Mistake 9: Managing time and money poorly

Some potential operators make extra work for themselves by making arrangements with each game provider individually, accumulating pay rates and time frames. Smart operators find a software provider that can quickly integrate games from a variety of providers for a single, reasonable price.

Mistake 10: Poor marketing

Even the best casino in the world would go out of business without a steady stream of new users and a reliable pool of regular players. Throwing up a few ads around the internet and calling it a day is far from enough. Marketing strategies like affiliate marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing can bring players to your site, and retention strategies like deposit bonuses can keep them there.