Online gambling platforms are widely considered to be a profitable business that gives operators an opportunity to earn big returns. The operation of online casinos is constantly changing, and especially becoming more convenient, so starting an online gambling business is easier than it was in the past. Slotegrator has prepared a list of 10 reasons why launching an online casino is a worthwhile venture in 2019.

1. New regulated markets

First, it is important to note that online gambling is being legalized in a large number of countries, and new regulations are on the way, making the industry reliable for players. This is an opportunity for operators to enter new markets and target different demographics. For example, one of today’s developing markets is Brazil, and many gambling industry experts believe that the Brazilian online gaming market is on the threshold of being legalized and regulated.This is a clear opportunity for smart operators to get ahead of the curve in a newly legitimized market.

2. Online gambling market expansion

The online gambling market is continuing to experience significant growth.. It was valued at $46.9 billion in 2017, and is expected to generate revenues of more than $74 billion by 2023. This number is expected to reach $123.5 billion by 2026, while experts predict the compounded annual growth rate from 2018 to 2026 to be 11.4 percent.f

3. Industry growth

Looking at the growth of the online gambling sphere in general, one should pay attention to the increasing number of industry participants. More and more new gaming content providers enter the market every year, offering new kinds of entertainment and exciting casino games for players. The range of gambling products and services is growing overall, meaning that gamblers have an increasing number of choices.

4. Advanced graphics

Today, the technologies for making visually attractive graphics and animations have greatly improved, providing a possibility to create high-quality online platform design. Online platforms’ appearances, often featuring a casino theme, play an important role in attracting new gamblers, and operators are able to create customized, competitive designs for outstanding, unique platforms.

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5. New technologies

Regarding technological improvements, it is worth noting that there are many ways to make an advanced gambling platform by integrating new innovations. For example, today, operators have a chance to create their gambling platform based on decentralized blockchain technology that ensures a high level of security and trust. The integration of cryptocurrencies as a payment method is easy to accomplish as well, and it may help operators to attract new kinds of players who are interested in innovations.

6. Improved promotion

Marketing strategies for online casino promotion have greatly improved over time, providing many new ways to advertise gambling platforms. For example, operators can join existing affiliate programs or create their own to promote the casino. Apart from that, cooperating with influencers is a popular marketing strategy as well, as it helps to bring new traffic to websites.

7. Advanced retention techniques

Attracting new users to the platform is essential, but it is only a part of an online casino’s strategy, because player retention is a crucial element as well. Today, there are many improved ways to retain users, such as bonuses, VIP loyalty programs, and more. Using these tools, operators can be sure that their users will stay on the platform.

8. The popularity of online gambling

Entrepreneurs thinking about starting a casino business should consider online platforms because they attract more people than land-based gambling venues. Today, online casinos are accessible with smartphones, so players can gamble 24/7 without the need to leave their house, which makes the experience convenient and attractive.

9. Fast ROIs

It is widely known that online casinos guarantee a relatively fast return on investment (ROI). If an operator has a well-developed marketing strategy that will help promote the gambling platform, users will come to the website, generating profits for the casino.

10. Fast launch

Today, starting an online gambling business from scratch doesn’t have to take long at all, as there are many ready-to-launch solutions available on the market. Operators can choose a White Label casino that will allow them to have their online gambling project ready in 1-3 months.

Slotegrator offers several ready-to-launch options for online casino projects. They can help operators start a gambling business fast and easy. Contact the company’s managers to learn more about the available solutions.