Virtual sports have become an important addition to online casinos’ portfolios, as they continue to attract many gamblers around the world. Slotegrator has prepared a list of ten reasons why operators should provide virtual sports in their platforms.

Why Provide Virtual Sports?

1. Increased betting opportunities

Sports betting, where punters place wagers on the disciplines that most suit them, is extremely popular. Virtual sports are similar to traditional ones, but they are more accessible to gamblers. Virtual sports create a simulation of the real-life sports events’ atmosphere, which attracts players and provides them with more betting opportunities.

2. A new type of entertainment

Virtual sports are an innovative gambling activity that keeps improving. They offer high-quality graphics and animation that provide punters with a unique new betting experience.

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3. Availability

Punters can place wagers on virtual sports 24/7, as they don’t have to wait for the actual sports events and competitions to start. Virtual sports are available every day, at any time, which is one of the main reasons they have become so popular.

4. Profitability for both operators and players

Virtual sports are a great addition to online casinos, as they have quite high profitability and a quick payback period. Results of virtual sports competitions are available instantly, and players can place wagers around the clock, meaning that an online casino can make a stable income.

5. Popularity

Today, virtual sports are popular among gamblers around the world, and more than 15% of sports bets worldwide are made on virtual sports. Also, they are especially popular among players from countries where real sports betting is strictly regulated.

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6. A new audience

Virtual sports are likely to bring a new audience to online casinos. Some punters mostly spend their time on specialized betting platforms instead of visiting online casinos. However, if casino platforms start offering virtual sports, they can start attracting these gamblers who are primarily keen on sports betting.

7. High level of trust

Virtual sports are popular for their fairness, as unlike real sports betting events, there are no fixed matches. Fixed matches are competitions where the event’s outcome is predetermined by its participants, violating the game’s rules, and often the law. In virtual sports, the outcome is determined by a random number generator (RNG), so players can be sure that the result is fair.

8. Regulations

Virtual sports are regulated by licensing authorities, and virtual sports providers use certified software that ensures fair and honest operation. Licensing authorities verify the software’s quality and make sure the RNG works properly.

9. A promising sphere

Many online casino operators have started offering virtual sports, as it is considered a promising gambling activity with enormous potential. In the future, more sport disciplines are expected to join the world of virtual sports in order to attract players from a greater number of markets. For instance, more winter sports are likely to be added with the aim of appealing to gamblers from regions like Scandinavia. Additionally, virtual sports will continue to improve, due to developments in graphics quality and advances in technologies such as virtual reality.

10. Convenient to players

In real sports, punters usually have to wait while their wins are calculated, while virtual sports offer fast bet resolution, which makes them more convenient to players.

Due to the various advantages and benefits of virtual sports, they have become a worthy addition to online casinos.