5 Reasons to Attend the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit

The crisis is devastating the world economy - and the gambling industry is by no means immune. The virtual edition of the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit is focused on providing a forum for in-depth, expert discussions of the effects that crisis is having on the online gambling industry. Slotegrator Head of Sales Vadim Potapenko is joining the panel discussion on whether the online casino industry is benefitting from the disruption of the sports betting industry.

Isolation, quarantine, and social distancing measures are crippling businesses of all shapes and sizes, including those in the gambling sector. Around the world, brick-and-mortar casinos have been shuttered and major sports events have been canceled, leaving casino owners and sportsbook operators cornered and desperate.

But while the land-based gambling and betting sectors have run into a roadblock, online casinos and sportsbooks are changing gears - the iGaming industry is still rolling on, and some sectors are even picking up speed. To keep the industry unified and cruising forward, some event organizers are adapting to the circumstances and taking their summits and conferences online.

The third edition of the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit, which focuses on the Baltic and Scandinavian markets, has been postponed until 6 August, but a virtual edition centered on the crisis (where you can, of course, connect with Slotegrator) will be held on 7 May. From the innovative format to a brief escape from isolation, here are 5 reasons to attend the virtual edition of MBGS.

1. Finally: a summit you can attend without leaving your couch

The virtual edition of the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit is one of the first events in the iGaming industry to take place entirely online, meaning that attendees get all the benefits of going to a summit without having to leave the house (or even get dressed, if that’s the kind of day they’re having). While missing out on in-person networking and the buzzing atmosphere may be a drawback, skipping airport security lines and budget hotel rooms is definitely a plus.

The summit’s topics fit the current circumstances as well as the format does. Instead of being devoted to a particular region or market, the themes are borderless; the event’s objective is to stimulate informed discussions about the complicated effects that crisis is having on the worldwide gambling industry. No matter who you are - or where you are - the summit will have something to offer.

And don’t forget - amid worldwide travel restrictions and bans on large gatherings, virtual conferences like MBGS could be one of the few available options for up-to-date expert analysis and meaningful networking that you’re going to come across for a while.

2. Find out how the crisis is affecting the betting industry

Championships, tournaments, and even the Olympics have been canceled or postponed as a result of the crisis. Of course, the sports shortage won’t last forever, and one of the event’s topics is how live sports betting will get going again after the crisis. But for now, with so little left to bet on, sportsbooks have been offering odds on events many punters might not normally consider, like Mongolian camel racing and the weather. But while live sports betting is going through a dark time, some purely digital alternatives are taking their place in the sun.

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The crisis is whipping up a storm of interest in esports betting, which is predicted to reach $14 billion in revenue in 2020. Virtual sports and social gaming are also experiencing a burst of activity. At MBGS, a panel of industry experts will look at the phenomenon and debate whether the surge in esports betting is a short-lived summer squall or the beginning of an esports monsoon season.

While esports and other betting alternatives are seeing an explosion in popularity, they’re not the only replacements that deprived sports bettors are turning to. One panel will present a discussion of whether the online casino and poker sectors are benefiting from the disruption of sports betting - be sure to tune in to the discussion and get some expert knowledge from Slotegrator Head of Sales Vadim Potapenko.

3. Learn how marketers are handling the crisis (and the regulations)

The marketing experts who will be speaking at MBGS will offer both timeless insights and timely advice. Marketing is critical for any online casino business looking to reach the peaks of success - and the best guides are those who have already been to the summit. A panel of leading marketing professionals will be offering their tips for success, wisdom that’ll still be useful when things go back to normal.

For an analysis of the current moment, another panel will examine how affiliates and affiliate managers are finding their path through the crisis without being tripped up by regulators, who have issued some stern warnings about advertising during the crisis. But the warnings are not without justification. Some affiliates have been exploiting the crisis by using ethically questionable tactics like stuffing their content with crisis-related keywords to improve their SEO ranking and advertising “Corona-Free Gambling,” ruffling the feathers of operators and regulators alike.

Like the speakers addressing sports betting, the summit’s marketing experts won’t just explore the current landscape - they’ll cast their eye to the horizon. In the last panel of the conference, marketing, legal, and government representatives will discuss whether legislators will lift bans on gambling advertising after the crisis is over to allow operators and affiliates to get back to business - and to contributing tax revenues.

4. Break out of the isolation blues with some virtual networking

Just because you’re isolating doesn’t mean you have to be alone. In fact, you can use MBGS as a chance to get some face time with another human being (something you might be a little desperate for by now). The summit’s lunch break may not feature 5-star catering, but there will be a virtual “Deal Room” where you can spend some quality time with other participants. Make sure to book a virtual table in advance to make the most of the opportunity - and if you leave your webcam off, you won’t even have to shave or change out of your pajamas.

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5. European Gaming has built up a reputation for organizing great events

The summit’s panels are packed with some of the most important names and faces in the software and game development, marketing, and legal sectors of the iGaming sphere. Of course, European Gaming is no stranger to rounding up some of the best speakers in the industry and hosting a high-quality event. This is already the third edition of the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit the group has put together. The inaugural event, held in Riga, was sold out in attendance, and the following year’s edition, held in Vilnius, was twice its size.

The media and events organization is also responsible for the highly successful Prague Gaming Summit, which has already been held four times. The continued growth and success of the summits is cementing European Gaming’s reputation as a premier organizer - a reputation the organization is set to reinforce with the virtual summit.

Staying up to date and connected has never been this critical. In such an unstable situation, fortunes can turn on a dime. Any business that wants to survive has to think on its feet, and staying informed is the only way to stay on your toes. In addition to the front-line insights to be gained from the panellists, the chance to make new contacts doubles in value at a time when there are half as many (or fewer) networking opportunities as normal. MBGS will help you get through the current crisis and get ready for the next phase of the industry’s development.

Attending the Mare Balticum Gaming Summit is a great way to stay up to speed with the current trends in the iGaming space. Slotegrator Head of Sales Vadim Potapenko will be sharing his insights into the current state of the industry at MBGS - make sure to book a meeting with him to find out how Slotegrator can help you adapt to the crisis.

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