Online gambling has taken a strong position in the gaming world, and its income is regularly increasing. The total share of the gambling business in the European Union is close to 15%, which accounts for €13 billion annually. According to the statistics, the number of users of online gambling resources has exceeded 10 million. Slotegrator looks into ways how to run the online gambling business to make it successful.


While starting a gambling business, operators must obtain licenses from specialized jurisdictions and comply with the local legislation. The requirements and regulations are different in every country. Some jurisdictions are very strict while licensing online casinos, while others don’t require many papers and make the process easier. Operators can choose the jurisdiction themselves, but they need to remember that legalized official business will bring high profits and develop better.


The online gambling audiences are quite different from the players visiting land-based casinos. The task of an online operator is to attract visitors and retain them on the resource with the help of reliable marketing tools as well as the newly created methods.

Advertising in social networks, personal email newsletter, affiliate programs, SEO, and other ways of attracting people’s attention are crucial in bringing players to the gambling resources. It is important to consider the needs of specific audiences while choosing marketing campaigns.


The gambling industry has a high level of competition, so when visitors are attracted to your platform but haven’t already become regular players, it is important to inspire them to stay on your platform more and try to deposit.

Land-based operators offer free drinks, show tickets, and other gifts for gamblers to catch their attention and make them come over again and again. The online business attracts players by offering bonuses for registration, rewards for first deposits, and prizes for visits.


Most land-based casinos use the same methods for keeping and attracting players. The loyalty of players is won with bonuses and generous promotions.

Players want to be sure that their return will bring them new rewards. So, if online casino operators don’t want to lose players that were so hard to acquire, it is essential to introduce various loyalty programs and bonuses for VIP players to keep existing users interested in the platform. The close communication with players allows you to find out certain preferences of your audience.


It is crucial to guarantee a high level of security to players so that your casino will be reliable and trusted. To provide a safe gambling environment, operators should make sure they use quality software with protection against fraud and cyber-attacks. Then, the security of the platform also includes a variety of reliable payment systems for depositing and withdrawing money. Apart from that, operators shouldn’t forget about providing the customer support, as the responsive 24/7 customer support service helps players to feel secure while gambling on the platform.


The high-quality gamimg content is the key to online casino success. Operators should better offer both famous traditional slots from the well-known gaming content providers, and some unique games that will make the platform outstanding. A good way to attract players is to offer a wide choice of games, including slots, card games, live games, roulette, virtual sports, etc.

Online gambling is expected to become more popular than the land-based casinos, bringing high revenues to online operators. Choosing reliable software and developers of quality gaming content, you will be able to create a gambling platform that will be appealing to players from all over the world.