Affiliate marketing is very popular in the online gambling industry, as using affiliate marketing programs to promote online casinos works very effectively. Some gambling platforms join existing affiliate programs, while others decide to create their own. Slotegrator has prepared some advice on how to set up a successful affiliate program.

Tips on how to create an affiliate program for your casino

Casinos that are already quite well-known and have good traffic may want to create their own affiliate programs. This way, affiliates who join the program will only promote this specific casino and get rewarded according to the agreed-upon business model. There are several elements to keep in mind while creating an affiliate program.

1. Setting up the business model

Every affiliate program has its own commission model for rewarding affiliates for their work. In the gambling industry, there are three main popular models: Revenue Share, Cost Per Acquisition, and Hybrid.

Revenue Share is the right choice for bringing in long-term, dedicated players, as the affiliate program pays out a percentage of the profit the given player brings to the casino. The CPA model, on the other hand, is better for acquiring a high volume of traffic instantly, as affiliates are rewarded for each new depositing user.

It is important to offer a commission model that is profitable for affiliates so that more people will join the program. The best solution would be to offer various models to choose from.

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2. Creating promotional materials

For effective promotion, it is important to create marketing and promotional materials that affiliates will place on their resources. For instance, an affiliate program may provide marketers with social media sharing templates, banners, creative advertisements, flash ads, videos, and many other high-quality, ready-to-use tools to make the process more efficient and effective.

3. Finding affiliates

When the affiliate program is set up and the marketing tools are ready, it is time to look for affiliates who will promote the gambling project. When recruiting affiliates, it is important to create partnerships with those whose audience is interested in your niche market. This means that the affiliate’s website should be dedicated to the gambling industry and online casino news, or somehow connected with a relevant topic. It significantly raises the chances that this affiliate will bring new users who will actually become players and stay on your online platform.

Also, the more users an affiliate’s resource has, the better. It likely won’t be profitable to cooperate with beginning affiliates whose audience is small or inactive. Online casinos that create their own affiliate programs may want to cooperate with marketers who already have a comparatively big audience.

Creating an affiliate program is a worthwhile but complicated process, as apart from setting it up and creating marketing tools, recruiting high-quality affiliates is an essential part of the process.