A logo is not just a bunch of letters, numbers, or symbols; first of all, it’s something that assures the recognizability of your brand among thousands of other brands. The symbolic representation of your online casino can influence greatly the pace of your commercial development, either rapid or slow. Online casino operators should stick to common market trends at all stages of their business activities, as long as from the very beginning of its commercial functioning, an average casino should acquire a logo that will stay up-to-date and relevant in the next couple of decades.

The world’s most recognizable brands such as Coca-Cola, Puma, Microsoft, Google haven´t changed their logos since the day they were launched. The same tendency is applicable to online casinos. For instance, the widely known ¨Volcano¨, existing more than a decade on the gambling market, haven´t changed the emblematic figure of its brand at all. The company NetEnt, Volcano´s platform provider, leads the same policy, providing services to such a renowned online casino as Play Fortuna.

Online casino logos differ greatly from each other; however, such diversity does not affect their popularity and recognizability among consumers and gamblers. Gamblers instantly recall the visual representation of a casino as they hear the name of a gambling house. It means that such logos are created in order to be remembered and recognized by the final consumer of the gambling services.

What is necessary to bear in mind while creating an online casino logo

We have already mentioned the most important features of a successful logo, such as:

  • Significance and relevance;
  • Recognizability;
  • Simplicity.

These three pillars make your online casino logo successful and popular among customers. You should also take into account the current trends in logo design.

The Minimal Art is still popular due to its simplicity and laconism. One of the most widespread und regularly used trends is line art, that produces simple images through implementation of continuous lines of the same color.

simple images through implementation of continuous lines of the same color

The preferable color shades applied to such images include grey, red, black, blue, green in order to convey a deeper graphical representation. This category embodies a perfect way to unite the essence of any existing logo – an image and literal characters.

By making a list of some of the best online gambling houses, Slotegrator suggests considering the most effective and mainstream online casino logos.

Тop 7 popular online casinos


Each virtual casino listed above has its own unique web design, special customer service offers, bonus proposals and the rest of features making those casinos stand out among competitors. The only thing they have in common is the simplicity of their logos, minimum of color blends applied to them and absence of awkward decor. Minimal, as a style, has to be taken as a base for the elaboration of the future logo.

One of the experts from Slotegrator, its leading designer, comments the following: “Contemporary trends in logo design dictate pursuit of minimalism and so called “purity”. Usually this implies getting rid of all the unnecessary lines, contours, décor, ect.”

The most eagerly sought gambling online resources stick to the following rules in their logo design:

  • Color palette: black, dark-red, blue, white, yellow. No more than 3 colors are mixed in one logo. There should be also a basic color for the sketch of the future inscription/image, while the subsequent graphics is done in the remaining colors.
  • Line art, handicraft design, and stacked design are the key streams of the minimal style. A stack of words is substituted by a stack of letters, so an average user gets easily what kind of company is advertised by this logo. This kind of style iscalled "Ariadne's clew" that emphasizes the idea of the logo in an elaborate and classy manner.
    Logo william hill casino with line art
  • Lack of excessive color deepness. Usually professional online casino owners don’t use a lot of elements all at the same time, resorting either to letters or images. For instance, Queen Vegas Casino doesn’t have a letter inscription, just an image of a crown framed in a circle. The name corresponds to the image: the user doesn’t feel confused by the difference between what he sees and what he pronounces within the name.
    Logo Queen Vegas Casino with crown

The most widely used color palettes in online casino logos

The modern designers and art creators have elaborated numerous palettes that might convey the deep color, high definition, and brightness of the tiniest icon. Anyway, extremely bright colours are being gradually substituted by dark, sophisticated, and elaborate color shades. As for the red color, it has acquired such popular deviations as burgundy shades, amaranth, paprika color, while ordinary grey tone transforms into such new colors as monsoon, charcoal, and brown converts into sepia, barleycorn, and bourbon. The palette bursts with thousands of options to make the graphic image vivid and juicy.

Gradient is another trend in design, based on blends of the most popular contemporary colors.

Gradient is another trend in design, based on blends of the most popular contemporary colors

Various experts project a slight decrease in general popularity of this very logotype, however, it still won´t lose its positions. Together with stencil art, logos acquire sophisticated visuals that give accent to the high profile of the gambling house.

logos with stencil art

Logo as a marketing tool

“Your logo reflects the way other people perceive you” - said professor of the university of East Anglia Robert Johns. “A logo differs you from your competitors. At the same time, people gauge you not by the coolness of your image, but by the quality of the products and services you offer. Thus, everything mentioned above is important”, - commented the expert.

Positive and well - thought image of your company reflected in a well-designed icon should increase the level of customers’ loyalty and enhance their devotion to the brand. Associations they get while looking at your logo should be pleasant. Be sure, even if a gambler lost while playing in your casino but still finds the quality of your services good enough to keep gambling, at all times he/she will be experiencing positive emotions looking at your logo. On contrary, even having won in you gambling house, but having faced such widespread problems as delay in payoffs or lack of popular games (deficit of the range of products), people regard you as an untrustworthy operator, not really caring much about its clients and not willing to provide them with decent customer service.

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