The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) was established in 2000 and is one of the most high-profile and authoritative online gambling jurisdictions. The Commission’s work is based on the Alderney Gambling Law dated 1999.

The Commission cooperates with law enforcement agencies to ensure a high level of security and reliability. AGCC has renewed and changed gambling jurisdiction several times in order to meet the world’s online business requirements and keep up with the developing industry.

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Types of Alderney gambling license

Nowadays the Alderney Commission offers operators licenses of two categories:

  • category 1 (B2C license): issued to operators who work directly with clients;
  • category 2 (B2B license): issued to operators for signing contracts with software providers of games, casino software, etc.

Requirements to get a license from Alderney

The Alderney license procedure is complicated and requires a lot of time. License application stage consists of several steps:

  • registering a company in Alderney;
  • submitting a copy of the application form and documentation, and paying the initial investigation deposit of £10,000;
  • meeting with authorities and explaining the business plan, presenting potential business and executive associates, corporate entities.

If an application is successful, a licence will be issued.

Then, before the casino starts operation, the AGCC needs to approve an internal control system, gambling equipment and capitalisation status.

Costs and taxation

First B2C license in Alderney


Application for another B2C license


B2C license renewal with NGY less than £500,000


B2C license renewal with NGY £500,000 to £1m


B2C license renewal with NGY £1m to £5m


B2C license renewal with NGY £5m to £7.5m


B2C license renewal with NGY £7.5m to £20m


B2C license renewal with NGY £20m to £30m


B2C license renewal with NGY over £30m


Annual gambling business association fee

£3,000 per gambling business associate

The license is issued for 1 year. The corporation tax rate is 0% and there is no additional gaming tax.

Advantages of Alderney gambling license

The challenge of obtaining Alderney licenses is the complicated process and relatively high fees, however, the license provides a lot of opportunities for operators and gives a range of advantages:

  • players are confident in the platform as consumer rights are protected by the Commission;
  • the casino receives the status of honest and prestigious legal business;
  • not VAT or any other taxes.

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