Best Affiliate Networks For Online Casinos 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to promote your online casino and attract new potential gamblers. In order to develop a successful promotion strategy, it is important to join a credible affiliate program popular in the gambling industry. Here is a list of the most convenient programs and networks for your online casino.

1. Gambling Affiliation

It is an affiliate network which includes around 75 affiliate programs focused on casino advertising. It has been working on the market for 13 years, and currently has over 35.000 affiliates ready to promote gaming brands.

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One of the main advantages of this network is that affiliates are only dedicated to the iGaming industry. According to the company, webmasters help gaming operators to attract thousands of active players every month.

Main markets are Europe, the UK, and Russia.

2. Income Access

Income Access is considered to be one of the best affiliate networks in the online gambling industry. It has achieved significant success within five years of operation, and currently, the program includes more over 25.000 affiliates. Around 22.000 from registered webmasters focus on promoting online casino operators.

This affiliate program provides high-quality tracking and reporting technology, as well as easy-to-use management service.

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3. Actionpay

It is the affiliate network which includes various affiliate programs focusing on several industries, including online casinos. It provides over 210.000 traffic sources and is present globally in different countries. The company is strictly CPA, meaning that affiliates get profits only if attracted gamblers actually start playing in your casino.

CPA model of this affiliate network has an important advantage because as an advertiser, your casino would pay only for real customers, who are likely to stay with you in the future.

Apart from that, Actionpay provides operators with industry-dedicated managers who control the campaign strategy and analyze its effectiveness.

Other ways to find affiliates

Affiliate programs are just one way to find webmasters ready to promote your online casino.

1. Events

It is beneficial for you as for a gambling platform operator to visit conferences and events focused on the gaming sphere and affiliate marketing industry. Both beginning and experienced affiliates pay attention to iGaming offers, as it is one of the most popular industries in affiliate marketing, so many of them could be interested in new casinos to advertise.

2. Social networks

Social networks are platforms where operators can find new webmasters ready to advertise their platforms. For instance, one of the most effective ways to meet affiliates is to communicate with users subscribed to industry-dedicated pages and to contact bloggers writing about the gambling sphere. Such cooperation would be profitable for both parties, as a blogger would attract more subscribers, while you as an operator would increase your brand recognition and promote your casino to potential players.

It is important to choose an affiliate program with webmasters who are ready to promote your platform to a target audience, have an advanced kit of marketing tools and know the players’ psychology.

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