Lady Luck is a very capricious woman, however, sometimes she smiles to some of the gamblers and brings them generous gifts. There is a whole bunch of ways that might bring you incredible amounts of money, such as board games, slots or gambling in online and land-based casinos. Slotegrator proudly presents a review of top 10 biggest casino wins that managed to make average visitors of gambling houses filthy rich.

Top 10 biggest casino wins

10. $2, 73 mil. in a game of poker

This huge amount of money annually raffled off during a poker tournament held in Last Vegas, a gambling capital of the USA, was won by Martin de Kniff from Sweden in 2004. The winner withstood an entire marathon of hours-long poker rounds.

9. $4,6 mil. out of Megabucks slot

A 76 –year- old adventurer Elvin Shervin hit the jackpot while playing Megabucks slot in 1989. The lucky gambler spent this incredible amount of money on travelling.

8. $5,6 mil. out of Mega Moolah online slot

The first registered case of a huge payoff out of an online slot called Mega Moolah dates back to 2009. This case was overshadowed by another one, when the same record was cracked within €6,3 mil. The most outstanding thing is that gamblers parlayed beggarly low stakes comprising only a couple of dollars.

7. $8 mil. out of a virtual casino

2007 turned out to be remunerative in terms of winnings for a simple blacksmith. The Millionaires Club slot came to be very generous.

6. $18 mil. out of Mega Fortune online slot

A 40 - year- old Finn hit a tremendous jackpot playing Mega Fortune in 2013. According to the lucky gambler, he has been investing into slot machines for years and his luck is just a result of his successful investments.

5. $20 mil. out of baccara

Lady Luck smiled to an American Kerry Packer in 1997, while he was gambling in the MGM Grand casino. A random trip to Las Vegas turned out to be fortunate.

4. $21 mil. out Megabucks slot

In 2005 lucky Elvin Shervin renewed his record 16 years later after he hit his first jackpot playing Megabucks slot. The gambler shared his wealth with charity organizations and the rest of money gave by will to his family.

3. $22,6 mil. out of a land-based casino

One American decided to spend her 74th birthday in a casino. Lady Luck was quite friendly to the visitor and endowed her with a huge jackpot.

2. $35 mil.  out of a casino

A waitress working in one of the Las Vegas casinos, decided to spend free time placing small stakes on a slot machine. Fortunately, the slot paid her back with a huge reward. It could take her more than a thousand of years to earn this money working as a waitress!

1. $39,7 mil.  out of a slot machine  

The record jackpot hit a programmer from Los Angeles, while playing Megabucks slot. Actually, he came to watch the game of his favorite basketball team and while waiting for the beginning of the game, went to the nearest casino and placed a stake of 100$ on Megabucks slot. Nobody knows the rest of the story, and whether he watched the basketball game or not, but it is obvious, that he left casino premises filthy rich.

It is very easy to win, it takes just one stake to be placed. Lady Luck smiles to assertive gamblers who are not giving up gambling even not winning anything. One day, Miss Fortune will reward you with one of her generous gifts. Just start playing and become that lucky winner!