Bingo lotteries are gaining more popularity on the world gambling market. Thus, we offer you more information on this game. In this article, you will learn: what is bingo, the history of the lottery, where it is popular and the market overview.

What is bingo

Bingo is a lottery that dates back to the 16th century. It is believed that the origin of bingo is a famous Italian game, Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'italia, first mentioned in 1530.

The modern form of the famous lottery originated in the 19th century. Then, the game was called “Beano,” as one used dried beans for the game. It was in great demand among farmers who wished to try their luck at rural fairs in North America.

Beano game rules were as follows: each player receives cards with numbers. A local merchant or barker took out the numbered wooden discs and read the winning numbers. Players who had those numbers on their cards marked them with beans. A winner was the one who marked all numbers on the card and shouted “Beano!” faster than anyone.

Interesting fact

The lottery owes its popularity to the American entrepreneur Edwin Lowe, who brought it from Florida to New York under the new name “Bingo”. In 1930, he organized a large bingo game, established clear rules and made some minor changes. It gained popularity among fans to try their luck and has spread around the world.

To date, there are 5 types of bingo games:

  • 90 ball bingo;
  • 75 ball bingo;
  • 80 ball bingo;
  • mini bingo;
  • “Pattern” bingo.

In our time, 2 types of lottery are very popular: English (90 balls) and American (75 balls). The main difference is the number of balls. British bingo is the most common version of this game in the world. The American one is more popular among gamblers of the United States.

Despite the negative attitude of the church to gambling, many American churches host bingo games, and players donate part of the winnings to church.

In which countries bingo is popular

Great Britain

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in the UK. According to historians, the traditional version of 90 ball bingo game was in high demand among the British during the First World War and was considered a hobby. Only in 1960, when the number of bingo players exceeded 150,000 a day, authorities changed its status to a new one — gambling. With advent of the Internet, many UK bingo halls were closed, as most bingo lottery fans prefer to play online.

According to statistics, most bingo players are women (4 of 5 players). As for age, 62% of players are younger than 45 years old. As of 2017, bingo became one of the most profitable gambling sectors in the UK, generating around GBP 4 billion in gross revenue.

Popular online bingo sites in the UK:

  • Unibet Bingo;
  • Vicks Bingo;
  • Winner Bingo;
  • Bingo Hall;
  • South Beach Bingo.


Bingo lotteries are very popular among Americans. More than 17% of local players prefer bingo to more famous blackjack or roulette. For Americans, this game is a great way to relax and have fun due to its simplicity.

Besides the US and UK, bingo lotteries are widespread in Italy, France, and Russia.

Market demographics

Statistics show that most bingo players are women. So, the international bingo portal, Wink Bingo, reports that 75% of its players are women, of which:

  • 25-34 y. o. — 35%;
  • 35-44 y. o. — 30%.

A survey by the known resource, Wink Bingo, also showed that 56% of its players are married, 32% — single, and 12% — divorced or widowed.

Despite the fact that every year more and more gamblers prefer to play on mobile phones, according to Wink Bingo, 92% of bingo players get access to the game through desktop PCs. According to statistics, games of users who choose PCs and laptops last 3 times longer than games of mobile devices and tablets’ fans.

What to expect

Although the game has not changed since its appearance in Italy, online operators who create innovative and dynamic iGaming solutions should be ready for a fast-growing market and high competition. According to the leading gambling edition of H2 Gambling Capital, in 2017 the bingo market was estimated at USD 143 billion, and it is expected that by 2023 this figure will increase to USD 279.8 billion. At the same time, an average annual growth rate will be 11.8% between 2017 and 2023.