Bitcoin is conquering the gambling market step by step as it attracts players by its fast transactions, high security, and anonymity. Understanding the benefits of working with virtual currency, many operators create Bitcoin projects, providing their customers with many benefits.

Today, Bitcoin casinos attract players from around the world. However, before starting a Bitcoin project, the operator should carefully study the cryptocurrency target market, since this group of people has its features and requirements. Let’s see who are modern Bitcoin players and whom online casinos target.


It is estimated, that 53% of Bitcoin holders and users are from either North or South America, nearly 30% of BTC users are from European countries, while the remaining 18% refers to people from Asia, Africa, and Eastern European countries.

The countries where Bitcoin is especially popular are the US, UK, Malta, Czech Republic, Finland, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Singapore, Georgia, and Germany.

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Bitcoin players are generally people with high income as it is estimated that around 24% of Bitcoin users have a yearly salary of $50-100 thousand, and over 43% of them have full-time employment. It is a significant advantage for the operator since it guarantees stable revenues.

Age and gender

Around 39% of Bitcoin holders are young people between 25 and 34 years, predominantly male (approximately 90%). These groups of users are expanding, as more females start buying cryptocurrencies, and older people begin to trust alternative means of payments more. It can be assumed that in the near future, even a conservative and mature audience of online casinos will appreciate the advantages of cryptocurrencies.

Interests and activities

Bitcoin users favour innovative technologies and are likely to be interested in casinos integrating new and unique solutions into their platforms. Those who hold cryptocurrencies are usually interested in financial markets, the IT sphere, and programming.

By December 2018, there were almost 32 million Bitcoin wallets registered globally. Understanding the cryptocurrency target audience, operators will be able to attract a large number of players to maximize profits and make the Bitcoin casino more popular.