Operators launch complete bonus program consisting of various offers to attract players to online casino. This practice brings a lot of bright spots to gambling providers. However, it isn’t immune to some setbacks as well. There are volunteers for any bonuses, so-called bonus hunters, which are described in the Slotegrator’s review below.

Bonus hunters: who are they

Statistics suggest that bonus hunters are ordinary people with no employment, doing odd jobs. They can be loosely grouped into two categories:

  • Professionals. They have a number of tools for this activity and consider the bonus hunting as the main source of income;
  • Amateurs. They act without bigotry, using available and widely known techniques.

They are united by the idea of ​​making easy money at online casino. Not so long ago, bonuses were a real thorn for operators until gambling establishments developed effective measures to combat bonus hunting.

It is worth noting that an amateur hunter does not pose a particular problem for online gambling organizers, in contrast to a professional one. All actions by the amateur are quickly calculated by security system, but you will have to try harder to catch a professional hunter.

Strategy of bonus hunters

Bonus hunter monitors all available gambling resources in the network, which offer different bonus programs. He is mainly focused on no deposit bonuses which generate money without own investments.

This kind of bonuses is quite common among online casinos, when a player receives a certain amount for registration before the first deposit. No deposit bonuses are especially attractive for new gamers at new-made casinos without a sufficient base of active players. However, other types of bonuses are equally attractive for professional bonus hunters.

How does an experienced bonus hunter act? Having found some interesting conditions at online gambling site, he signs up with hundreds of names. For this purpose, he has a package of documents identifying other person, as well as several computer programs which allow to change IP addresses and emulate the operating system together any applications.

A professional hunter never attempts to withdraw a wager right away, excessing requirements and waiting for a proper moment like a real hunter. By the way, such "lures" are scattered by bonus hunters over dozens of resources, proportionally increasing the possible prize.

It is believed that the easiest way to win a bonus back in games of fewer advantages for casino, such as blackjack, poker, roulette. According to the experienced amateurs themselves, they make from $3 000 to $5 000 per month.

How do operators solve it

Since bonus hunting has become a widespread problem, so that online casinos has tightened their requirements and apply a range of tools to neutralize the bonus hunters. One effective method suggests a so-called black list of players, conducted by online casinos. Name and other data about such players are transferred to the common system helping to detect hunters and prevent their entrance to the site.

Unfortunately, this method has a negative side - operators are not united into a global system, they just sign private agreements with each other in order to fight bonus hunting.

What operator should do to solve the issue:

  • Deny registration;
  • Observation of gamer’s behavior;
  • Rough wagering conditions:
    • high wager – over 40x;
    • game at a certain slot;
    • prohibition of wagering in board games;
    • short term of wagering;
    • "sticky" bonus when it can be used for the game, but cannot be withdrawn;
    • ban on betting without risk (for example, bets on "red"–"black" in roulette);
  • no bonus program;
  • strict requirements for identification;
  • delayed cash out, necessary for the analysis of player’s behavior and other checks;
  • Only one IP is allowed for registration.

If any suspicious player’s actions are detected, gaming account may be blocked. On forums, it is often possible to read complaints that someone was banned by an operator because allegedly his friend registered his account from a shared computer, then played and tried to withdraw money.

If player does not violate any rules, operator will unblock him after it is proved so. All to be done is to contact the technical support. Otherwise, it will be considered that an inexperienced bonus hunter was caught by the hand, trying to use multiple accounts for the purpose of earning.

The Internet casino should be well protected from the bonus hunting and have carefully planned bonus program. Learn the experience of competitors and try not to offer infinitely advantageous conditions of wagering to attract players.

Beginning of the end of the bonus hunting: instead of summary

Joint efforts are considered as a protection from bonus hunting. Operators exchange experience how to solve the problem and come up with effective ways of fighting. Bonus hunters become less likely to appear in the field of online casinos.

Well-thought-out bonus promotions, effective methods of fraud detection made the bonus hunting a risky and not very profitable deal. It seems that the era of bonus hunters is coming to its sad demise.

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