Ready-made templates for online casino give everyone an opportunity to create a virtual gambling house without the help of third-parties. It minimizes the expenses of starting an Internet casino, and also allows you to control and keep record of the integration of required products/services on your own.

Currently there are lots of offerings of template platforms. They are available at quite an affordable price or can be used for free in case the development company announces the launch of a promotional package.

Casino website layouts can differ in terms of design, functions and platforms – HTML, Flash, SWISH, MotoCMS, WordPress. In any case, the control panel will be easy and convenient even for users.

One does not have to possess special knowledge in the sphere of design and programming in order to work with a template. It is developed in a way to allow everyone to quickly orientate himself and to begin actively working on the virtual casino project.

What is CASEXE configurator and what advantages it has

As it was mentioned before, the development company can make exclusive offers and launch casino website templates absolutely free of charge. Usually, such special offers last for several days.

CASEXE Company has developed a unique offer for those who want to start running gambling activities just right now. CASEXE configurator is a product that allows creating your own Internet casino on the base of several predeveloped templates. Layouts are created allowing for online gambling innovations. Each of them can provide a highfunctionality level of the website. As far as the configurator is a free product, it has a number of restrictions:

  • operation under third-level domains;
  • template structure and design of the website – you create a casino on the base of predeveloped templates;
  • basic functionality of the platform.

You can improve your Internet casino project in configurator at your own discretion, if you believe that it is necessary to do so.CASEXE has a separate offerings panel for making adjustments and modifications. Pricing policy depends on the changes to be made. The price list should be requested from managers.

CASEXE templates

Standard configuration package includes two layouts – Shadowgrey and Blackfruit. Each of them is created in compliance with the latest trends of gambling niche. Templates feature uncluttered control panel, bright design, and convenient buttons. In addition you get a configurator instruction guide and will be able to expand/supplement your online casino project step by step.

The main casino settings are adjusted via the admin panel. Here you can also structure your website, add payment systems and game content, create bonus offerings. In the scratch area you can monitor traffic, online players, monetary transactions, profitability of games.

Currently, configurator from Slotegrator’s partner, CASEXE, is an excellent alternative for starting a gambling business. You can make global amendments anytime by contacting company managers.

Such successful virtual casinos as RoyalFoxy and BitVegas work on CASEXE platforms. They made all necessary adjustments and optimized the service of web resources service with the help of company’s experts.

Working with our partners, you get the full package of solutions required for starting your own online casino project. Apart from standard layouts, you can develop an exclusive design as part of individual project or add everything needed to the existing template.

Minimize risks with White Label !

There is a White Label offering, featuring the development of an individual project, with its subsequent “attachment” to CASEXE Company. This offering implies running gambling activities based on company’s license. All agreements with gambling products suppliers are concluded directly with CASEXE.

White Label casino is a unique offering in its niche, which saves the online casino operator the trouble of buying a license, looking for game content developers, signing agreements with payment services, etc.

It should be noted that in the context of increased attention from legislative authorities of the RF and CIS countries towards organizers of Internet gambling, White Label from Slotegrator’s partners allows minimizing risks and focusing solely on project management.

We have reviewed various options for creating an online gambling house. The choice is yours!