DApps in Gambling: Game Developers' Perspective

Currently, blockchain technology is entering many spheres, including the online casino industry. Game developers start having questions about whether it is worthy to join decentralization and get partnerships with blockchain-based casinos. Let's look at several potential scenarios for the future of DApps and the role that game developers could play to contribute to the Dapps development or downfall.

1. DApps Are the Future of Gambling.

Some people believe that blockchain-based platforms will disrupt many industries, and DApps will revolutionize the gambling sphere. Well, they certainly do have potential as blockchain provides a high level of security and safety due to the decentralized technology, while these are the aspects the gambling industry lacks.

Currently, there are three main blockchain networks that are trying to decentralize the casino industry: Ethereum, EOS, IOST and TRON. It is estimated that around 70% of overall traffic on EOS is the result of cryptocurrency betting activity while over 95% of TRON’s network activity is related to gambling. These numbers show that blockchain is truly focusing on the gambling industry.

From the casino games developers’ perspective, blockchain-based casinos can be a chance to expand their audience as DApps are gaining popularity. For instance, the TRON network’s DApps facilitated $1.6 billion in the first quarter of 2019. Also, if we only take TRON blockchain into account, we can see that TRON-based casinos are gaining users:

  • TRONbet: 2536 active users every day with over 261 thousand transactions daily;
  • 888TRON: 1525 active users every day with around 10 thousand transactions daily;
  • TronWin: 3856 active users every day with around 13 thousand transactions daily;
  • TronVegas: 3014 active users every day with around 4500 transactions daily.

Also, it is known that TRON is trying to encourage game developers to join blockchain and go decentralized. The TRON Accelerator hackathon that took place in December 2018 rewarded the founders of several gambling DApps for building their games. They have received Tether stablecoins worth of around $10,000.

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Blockchain networks keep developing, improving, and providing a space for more DApps. In this case, game developers might want to consider going decentralized to keep pace with innovations.

2. Game Developers Are Needed to Popularize Blockchain Casinos.

Traditional online casinos still look more attractive than blockchain-based ones. They have a more interesting interface, more engaging games, and better-developed loyalty programs.

Usually, decentralized casinos offer simple games such as dice, some card games, and minimum slots. The lack of exciting games with high-quality graphics is one of the main reasons gambling DApps are not as popular as they can be.

Game developers, in their turn, have the potential to improve the situation by providing their gaming content in decentralized casinos. That will help to bring their audience to the new blockchain-based gambling world, showing the benefits of decentralization to the broader group of people.

3. Gambling DApps Don’t Have the Future.

It is important to consider the other option of how gambling DApps will influence the casino industry. Some experts still stay skeptical about blockchain in gambling and technology in general. Moreover, despite security and transparency offered by blockchain, players still don’t fully trust DApps because of their innovative nature and the controversy around crypto world.

Gambling DApps expansion is still in question as the industry may get regulated, which will prevent decentralized casinos and blockchain-based games from gaining popularity. We can already see this happening in Japan.

In April 2019, TRON has removed gambling DApps from the Japanese market to comply with local regulations. As gambling is generally prohibited in Japan, TRON complies with regulations and has decided to support restrictions. Therefore, TRON has suggested that Japanese developers should not launch any gambling DApps using the blockchain network. Apart from that, developers from other countries are encouraged to block users with Japanese IP addresses.

In general, in many other countries, the situation is different as gambling and blockchain are not regulated. However, as technology keeps developing, the legal framework will probably get improved as well, so there is a chance that we can see the same happening in different territories.

So, it is for game developers to decide whether they should go decentralized or not. However, they should keep in mind that blockchain technology continues developing and improving, so it has all the chances to change the gambling industry.

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