Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Bonuses: How to Attract Customers 2020

Bonuses in casinos are a multipurpose marketing tool for customer attraction. Operators aim not only to keep users but also to attract new potentially active gamblers.

Prizes, special offers, loyalty programs, bonus credits to the game account – all of these are an integral part of the gambling venue marketing campaign. The higher casino status is, the bigger winnings are offered. It raises the audience interest, establishes trust relationships between a customer and operator, as well as allows to keep the attention of unlucky gamblers.

Kinds of online casino bonuses

Bonuses on online gambling platforms can be divided into the following categories:

  1. The welcome bonus (registration bonus) is especially relevant for new casino operators, aiming to keep gamblers on their resources.
  2. Bonus for filling payment details is generally provided by upscale clubs, which target audience includes entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and other people with above-average regular income. Bonus is given when the administration checks and confirms provided bank account details.
  3. A bonus for the first deposit is used in many online casinos. If a gambler makes a deposit to the account once, it means that the venue somehow definitely attracts him. Thus, the operator supports their interest in the casino by providing a bonus for the first deposit.
  4. Daily bonuses are used rarely, generally, by operators of gambling platforms with quite low positions on the online gambling market. In such a way, the operator encourages customers.
  5. A casino website activity bonus is given to those players who spend a long time on the resource. Their contribution to the gambling venue income is higher, compared to gamblers who play only a couple of hours per day. Trying to keep such customers, the administration encourages their activity correspondingly.
  6. Online casino welcome back bonus. Some gambling venues offer such a bonus program if they see a customer’s long-term absence in the game.
  7. Bonuses for unlucky gamblers are provided to support gamblers. Usually, they get a partial return of deposited money, so the player has a chance to win back losses. Customers are quite positive regarding such an offer because this bonus shows the company’s interest in gamblers.

Prizes and special offers

Sometimes each gambling venue adds new games. That is why the administration announces additional bonus programs for clients in order to draw the attention of the audience to new products in the casino portfolio.

The most popular promotional campaigns are:

  • additional spins without deposits in slot machines
  • deposit free bets on sports events
  • return of loss percent (cashback)
  • opportunity to receive prize scores for active playing.

These promo offers are applied to new products of the venue, which the administration stresses in the program description.

In particular cases, some online casino operators offer bonuses for attracting one more gambler and prizes for subsequent deposits (not the first deposit of the game account). Certainly, it inspires clients for active playing, keeps the attention of newcomers and, in general, positively influences operators’ income.

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