Our glossary is addressed to newcomers and experienced players to help them understand the main fantasy sports terms.   

DailyFantasySports (DFS)is daily online competitions between players. Every participant gathers a virtual team of real sportspeople of a certain sports kind. Participating in real competitions, selected sportspeople earn points for various actions (scored goal, successful pass etc.). A winner becomes a participant, gathered the best team by the points its get.

SalaryCapis a limited sum allocated for participants under the terms of fantasy tournament to buyathletes.

Bankroll (bankroll management) is a player’s game budget allocated for the dailyfantasy tournament.

Rakebackis a bonus allocated by onlinefantasy resource for inspiring players and attracting newcomers. During the tournament registration process, players should pay fee (rake). Rakes form a bonus pool called rakeback, ranging between 10 and 50 per cent of collected fees. The amount depends on the website’s marketing policy of attracting new clients.

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GuaranteePrizePool (GPP) is a variety of fantasy tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool. A pool is played without depending on the amount of participants.

50/50 (DoubleUp) is a type of fantasy tournament where the prize pool goes to the best part of participants. 15 of 30 players obtain prizes.

HeadToHead (H2H)is a fantasy tournament, including two players. The prize pool based on the results of the competition goes to one of participants.

TripleUpis a variety the tournament where the prize pool goes to one-third of the best players. 20 of 60 participants obtain the prize.

Freerollis a free fantasy tournament. Such competitions may not have a prize pool or award participants with token money prizes.

Dispersionis a mathematic indicator of deviation from the expected event probability ratio. A significant factor, influencing success of the game in fantasy sports, underestimated by the majority of players.

ROI (ReturnonInvestment) is a term arrived from economics that determines game profitability, depending on investments.

Qualifier is a qualification contest, presenting a ticket to the high-prestige exclusive game among the strongest participants with a substantial prize draw. As a rule, such competitions are organized by the large companies such as Fanduelor DraftKings.

Cash games are tournaments where the half of participants obtains prizes of double deposit. It is the most transparent variety of fantasy games with the high winning odds. Cash games form the basis of the bankroll management strategy.

Satelliteis a selection competition usually before the GPP tournament or qualifier, which result will be the participation in another game. This tournament is difficult to win, because the amount of winners is limited to five places.