Contemporary technologies are developing at accelerated pace bringing up new possibilities to developers of gaming content. More frequently than not, companies tend to replace flash technologies with cutting-edge html5 games. Why does HTML5 gradually displace Flash? You may find the answer to this and related questions in the following article.

Flash technologies

Flash technologies are predominantly based on vector animation. In other words, any vector image can be magnified, while high definition of the image is still preserved. The basic standards of this very technology were developed by Macromedia that managed to add universal properties to it. Flash technologies easily adapt to such operational systems as Windows and Mac, a property that other vector technologies still lack. Flash technologies kept evolving opening more and more new opportunities for its users, until a multimedia monster, widely known as Adobe, bought it from its creators.

Since then, Adobe managed to conquer almost the whole world – practically every contemporary computer contains an Adobe Flash Player enabling to review interactive pages, animation and videos. Within the advent of brand new versions of browsers, Adobe came up with an idea of embedded plugins for playing graphics files with the SWF extension that looked like multi-page collections of software commands and graphical elements, altogether making a flash movie.

Flash enabled to create "live" and friendly "winking" online casino websites with convenient navigation and design, which was difficult to achieve in the original "flat" HTML technology. Flash games appeared literally just after the worldwide spread of the said technology. Those who have professionally worked on Flash development managed to deepen further explorations of its potential by adding Java and VBS scripts, Stage 3D technologies for 3D graphics, as well as improved the end-product making it look organic and appealing.

Flash Games in casinos attract thousands of players because its mechanics and architecture are virtually indistinguishable from genuine one-armed bandits allowing gamblers play from home via the Internet without troubling themselves with going to a land-based gambling facility.

Advantages and disadvantages of Flash technologies

Based on today's realities, there might be distinguished the following advantages of Flash technologies:

  • Compatibility with most browsers (99% of browsers support Flash slots);
  • Rapid development based on use of proven patterns (scripts);
  • Stream video support;
  • Support of vector, raster and 3D graphics;
  • Testing and bug fixing takes a short time.

This technology has also a range of disadvantages:

  • Flash movies require special applications (players, codes, and plug-ins);
  • Incompatible with mobile devices, poor performance on Android and IOS (requires installation of mobile browser applications);
  • Uses graphics processor that slows down PC performance (if processor doesn’t have enough capacity, flash slots with complex graphics may be displayed incorrectly);
  • Low battery life of mobile devices due to time-consuming processing of Flash files;
  • Files with unknown content that can damage the device (files may also contain malware).

Although there are significant shortcomings, most programmers and web designers still prefer flash technologies to HTML5. Flash technologies are already familiar and tested, however they are being gradually replaced by new ideas that radically change the way media tools are perceived.

HTML5 technologies

The fifth version of the hypertext language structuring has brought new opportunities for developers in terms of introduction of brand new interactive content. Work on the new standards took quite a long time. Initially HTML5 technologies were used only by the most risky individuals, but advantages of using Flash on mobile devices probably convinced even those in doubt. Companies specializing in game development are well aware of the fact that gamblers usually access the Internet from their smartphones or tablets in order to play games right away. This is why the world's leading developers have begun to switch to HTML5 technologies. New games these days are being released exclusively in HTML5, and old products are being modernized and converted into Flash. The fifth version of HTML embraced the best standards of its previous versions as it was equipped with new tags, page layout features, geolocation, semantic elements, indexing and data storing, API protocols and lots more. Together, all the tools of the new technology open unlimited possibilities for creating websites, games, online ads, and so on.

Advantages and disadvantages of HTML5 technologies

We have previously commented on one of the advantages of html5 compatibility with all types of mobile devices; however it’s not the only one benefit of this technology. The new web page language has the following advantages:

  • Does not require any additional software to play media, all tasks are performed by the browser;
  • Crossbrowsering and cross platforms;
  • Game development became a much simpler process than the one based on Flash, which is less time-consuming;
  • In previous versions of HTML many of the requirements have been simplified for programmers, so that the code is more regulated which helps detect errors quickly;
  • HTML5 Canvas function allows you to create casinos that simply strike imagination within implementation of 3D and 2D graphics;
  • Accessibility. In order to master this technology, you don't need to be an advanced expert. There are enough reference materials and ready-made solutions (scripts) online;
  • This technology is referred as Open Source technology, so that anyone willing can improve it or modify it;
  • HTML5 slots are easy to download, show high performance, save traffic;
  • Quick index search, ability to integrate hundreds of requests to increase attendance.

It will take a long time to count the benefits of HTML5 technologies, but for the most part, these technical details will be of interest to professionals involved in web development and creation of slot machines, as well as other games.

Disadvantages of html5:

  • There are security issues for users because all data is stored in a browser or on a hard drive of the device that may be hacked;
  • Developers have to adapt the game to different browsers to reach the correct playback, which is quite time-consuming;
  • This technology is applicable to 82% of contemporary browsers.

HTML5 vs. Flash in games




Support of browsers



Number of files in a game

one multi-layered

hundreds of pages

Mobile Support



Application downloading

necessary; regular updates

not necessary

Game loading






Complexity of development



Indexation by search engines



Time of testing




There are more votes in favor of HTML5 from IT industry masters compared to Flash technologies. The first one to abandon Flash was Apple. Later on the initiative was supported by Google that started gradually drifting from Flash technologies. Developers of browsers do not slack behind almost every day announcing about quitting Flash. Adobe remains the last company to give up on Flash having announced back in 2015 about switching to HTML5. The brand new Html5 is still not developed and tested enough; however, it gradually replaces Flash.

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