The Slotegrator team decided not to break with the tradition of holding its end-year wrap-up. We live in an age of information cycling, where it's easy to get confused, so let's just cut the extra and go with "meat and potatoes" only.

No doubt, the passing year has become a landmark for gambling. This is the dawn of blockchain, the hey day of cryptocurrency and the demise of legendary EIG. 2017 has shown a growing number of online games and providers. 

Bitcoin is firmly integrated into the online gambling

As early as 2016, Bitcoin began gradually to be introduced into the iGaming industry. In 2017, however, online casinos and bookmakers began to establish the electronic cash system. Affiliate networks have been considered Bitcoin as a mandatory currency.

Credit cards and online payment systems still remain on the market, but their role has been drastically reduced.

Increased share of female players

The gambling market is actively scaled this year at the expense of a female audience. The industry has released a whole segment of games and casinos designed specifically for women.

The ladies between 32 and 36 have proved to be the most loyal online players. In a number of countries, their share has reached half of the audience of all gambling users.

Big Data is deeply embedded into all processes

In 2016, gambling business were getting used to the Big Data technology, and in 2017, the market has put it to full use. Gambling companies exercise Big Data for their games and effective marketing strategies.

When getting a complete information about customers, casinos develop personalized ad campaigns targeting a specific customer. This approach provides much better response.

Development of mobile segment

2017 has become a peak for mobile gambling applications. Games stay closer to the users now. Now they play games on their way to work, during lunch and short breaks. Integration into messengers and social networks has made it possible to play with friends together.

For example, at the RGW exhibition, Slotegrator presented its universal Telegram bot. The novelty was the only way to reach regions with weak Internet coverage and an existing gambling ban. 

Developers did a great job with notable results: Every third dollar earned in an online gambling comes from mobile devices. 

Trend of blockchain

In the last year, pioneers of blockchain technology broke into the gambling market. The success of these projects has shown the willingness of operators to deal definitively with the issues of fraud, money laundering and the confidence of players in the casino.

New blockchain platforms have been emerging in 2017. The gaming ecosystem started changing. The project of DAO.Casino proves a great interest to the blockchain technology in the market. In the first hour of crowdsele, it collected $9.5 million.


The gambling boom was marked by a multitude of sectoral activities in which market players shared their experiences and demonstrated their achievements, and discussed new technologies and approaches to developing a modern product.

Among the largest: RGW, World Gaming Executive Summit, WRB, Riga Gaming Congress and EIG. The latter announced its closure as a separate project and the creation of the largest conference-exhibition in the sphere of iGaming - IGB Live!

To this end, EIG merged with IGaming Super Show and Amsterdam Affiliate Conference