Land-based casino projects keep surprising gamblers all over the world. Slotegrator has done its own research on the latest information regarding various futuristic gambling houses and is ready to share all the discovered.

Floating entertainment complex installed on three ships

In 2012 architect Philipp Kuzevsky from Poland introduced a project of a floating entertainment complex being installed on three ships. The whole construction resembles a three-pointed star by shape and is quite well-travelled in terms of transportation.

On decks of the floating entertainment complex an average visitor might discover hotels, casinos, concert halls and recreation areas. The highlight of this complex is a set of special capsules for deep-sea immersion into the oceanic whirlpools. 


A floating island called “Utopia” designed by a group of eager architects from a company called Yacht Island Design, appears to be a huge construction totally comprising 100x65 meters. This complex is capable of moving by water due to a couple of propellers integrated into column pillars and balance on the waves keeping guests safe and comfortable on board while storms.

You can reach the island by marine transport through a previously built-in dock or by a helicopter (there is a set-up landing pad on the upper deck). The whole construction has 11 decks in total that hosts casinos, restaurants, cinemas and similar places of amusement.

This ambitious project adds up to the list of futuristic buildings designed by a crew of eager inventors. Previously they introduced a concept of a yaсht with a volcano and a waterfall on board.

Miami Sun

A Swedish company known as Vision Division elaborated an extraordinary casino project called Miami Sun which is a huge construction equipped with solar panels. Altogether, those panels provide unique illumination: imitate dawns, sunrises and the moonlight. Apart from its inner integrity, Miami Sun is going to convert into an eco-building using sun energy in order to support the whole construction with electricity.

Cosmic casino

Playboy Corporation and company Virgin Galactic specializing in space tourism managed to fulfill a conjoint project of a space casino. According to the main concept of the project, the foreseen casino is going to look like an orbital base around 2 km in diameter that is rotating about its own axis. The premises of this complex allow visitors to experience artificial gravitation. Guests might enjoy playing space poker, roulette or blackjack in a casino installed into the orbital base. Restaurants are ready to treat tourists with food printed on a 3D-printer. According to the main idea of designers, this orbital station can make an imaginary journey to distant planets.

Robotized staff in casinos

Robotechnics is gradually penetrating into every sphere of human’s activity and gambling business is no exception to the rule. For instance, one of Chinese casinos in Macao is famous for its robot Min handing out cards faster than professional stickmen. This robot was designed by Paradise Entertainment Ltd and the company is looking forward to expanding basic functions of this technological wonder.

Currently a Japanese corporation known as Yaskawa Motoman Robotics is working on the elaboration of a series of robots-dealers under the project name of Dexter. Its limb mechanisms are extremely flexible and technically resemble and possess all the characteristics of human hands.

The most distinctive feature peculiar to robots – dealers are swiftness, portability and 24/7 functioning. Machine maintenance works will be less costly than paying salaries and wages to the real employees. In the same manner, robot utilizing will be more than welcomed in the locations with casino employment restrictions.