How to Get a Gaming License - Antigua and Barbuda 2021


The islands of Antigua and Barbuda belong to the group of Lesser Antilles and are considered to be the first locations officially facilitating gambling processes, as long as they offer offshore regulation of the gambling business.

The main gambling regulator of the country is the Gambling Department of Antigua and Barbuda, while the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRC) is entitled to issue licenses to gambling operators.

The regulating bodies of Antigua and Barbuda focus on the security of their online resources, as well as on concealing their gaming content from the underage users.

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Types of licenses in Antigua and Barbuda

The jurisdiction offers several types of licenses legalizing gambling activities:

  • license for online casinos;
  • license for betting providers, betting operators and betting terminals;
  • license legalizing the rest of businesses in the offshore zone.

Requirements to get a gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda

In order to start a gambling company on these islands, entrepreneurs have to:

  • have an offshore company formed;
  • provide detailed Information about the company, the directors, officers and shareholders with over 5% of the shares of the company;
  • submit certified copies of their passport, passport size photographs and reference letters;
  • have all software certified;
  • have the main server based solely in Antigua and Barbuda.

While approving the application, the Commission mainly pays attention at:

  • the applicant’s honesty and integrity;
  • good business reputation and financial background;
  • satisfactory corporate structure;
  • technical ability to operate;
  • no involvement in illegal activities.

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Costs of licenses in Antigua and Barbuda

Application fee


Online casino license


Betting platform license


Online casino license renewal


Betting platform license renewal


Corporation tax of domestic companies is levied at a rate of 35%, but there is no tax for international business companies. Licenses are issued for one year.

Advantages of Antigua and Barbuda gaming license

Getting a licence in Antigua and Barbuda is beneficial:

  • no taxation;
  • the gambling house can be located in any other place;
  • the islands have international offshore partners ready for collaboration;
  • the possibility to attract the British audiences.

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