Prospect of opening gambling business in Eastern European countries

The gambling market is developing across the entire planet but gambling legislation differs in various countries, meaning that online casinos operation can be legal, forbidden or restricted. In this article, Slotegrator will take a look at gambling in the world in general and some Eastern European countries, as well as analyze the perspectives of running a gambling business there.


First of all, it should be mentioned that regulations of online and offline casinos differ significantly in many countries. Land-based casinos have a very long history compared to their virtual analogs, so their regulations are better developed. For example, while online gambling may be fully prohibited, traditional casinos are legal in 151 countries in the world and 17 countries allow them to operate in special zones.

The world is divided into several parts:

  • 47% - casinos are legal;
  • 42% - casinos are illegal;
  • 11% - casinos are partially legal, as their operation is restricted by particular terms and conditions.

The situation with online casinos is much more complicated. Apart from the fact that regulations are very complicated, there are a lot of little rules and a bunch of restrictions. In many countries, gambling regulations are not established, and as a result, the law is often violated.

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Online gambling is legal in more than 40% of the counties (39 countries) and is illegal in 17% of the countries. The rest of the countries may be divided into three groups (14% each), where online gambling has the following restrictions:

  • casinos should be licensed;
  • only foreign operators are legal;
  • local casinos are to be licensed.

The latest research has shown that casinos are regulated, available for local gamblers and operate according to the law in 60 countries only.

Eastern European COUNTRIES

Infograpgic: Eastern European Gambling Market in Numbers

Both online and offline gambling is forbidden in almost all Eastern European countries. Currently, land-based casinos are legal in Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan, but in Kazakhstan and Armenia, they can operate in special gambling zones only.

Both online and offline gambling is legal in Belarus and Tadzhikistan. For online casino operations in Georgia and Armenia, the local license is needed. In Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan, illegal online casinos are monitored and blocked.

According to Russian legislation, land-based casinos are to be operated within special gambling zones. In Ukraine, all types of casinos are forbidden, however, those gamers who use online resources are not subject to legal prosecution.

So, the situation in Eastern European countries is quite unclear. However, in the countries where gambling is fully or partially legalized, industry representatives work on the development and improvement of the regulations, organize forums and congresses to discuss topical issues of the industry.


Russia is one of the largest countries with the multimillion population. It requires intelligent and well-defined legislative solutions to regulate gambling activities. The country has decided to follow the example of the US and some Asian countries and organize special gambling zones with casinos and their own infrastructure.

Perhaps it is this model of gambling industry management that is optimal for the vast territory of Russia, while the greater freedom from the state may lead to problems with industry control and illegal activities suppression. Creation of special gambling areas in the most comfortable places for tourism is a great solution to start the development of the industry in the country with huge potential.

Ukraine is also one of the most promising markets for gambling thanks to its geographical position. However, the gambling business in Ukraine is illegal, and the only permitted type of gambling has been state lotteries.

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Gambling markets in Russia and Ukraine seem to be underserved, meaning that the demand for online casino services is high, which may lead to the introduction of clear regulations in the future.


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