Casino streaming has recently become very popular and is used as a tool for gambling platforms promotion. Casino streaming is the process while streamers play in casinos and broadcast their gameplay in real-time. A streamer and viewers can communicate, sharing their impressions and experiences.

Streaming has gained enormous popularity because it allows everyone to follow real gameplay, understand the rules, feel the atmosphere, get familiar with casinos and find answers to various questions about gambling platforms and the way they work. So, if a casino user is interested in a certain slot, he or she has an opportunity to watch how it is played by a streamer. A potential player no longer has to take the risk of testing slots on his or her own. It is enough to join a stream and follow the exciting process. This way, game streaming helps to promote online casinos and attract new players.


The most convenient and popular streaming platforms are YouTube and Twitch. There are many channels with casino streams so that each visitor can find interesting content. Viewers who missed the live stream of a certain online casino game are able to watch the video at any time later.

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Online streaming sites offer a lot of useful options such as schedule of broadcasts, subscriptions, notifications of streams’ start, mobile versions, live chats, surveys, and quests.


Casino streaming has many advantages for all participants in the process. First, gambling platforms cooperate with streamers to get their websites promoted. It is an effective method as viewers of such streams are casino targeted audience, so the conversion rate is quite high. When viewers follow the gambling process, they discover the casino design, slots its offer, and their functions. So, if a streamer manages to create a positive image of the casino, the platform will get new players.

Then, streamers get advantages as well. They are engaged in an entertaining activity and also gain profits for creating videos in real-time. In this case, streamers act as affiliates and often get profits according to the CPA model (cost per acquisition). They are usually paid for players that go to the casino website from their partner link and start depositing there.

As for the viewers, casino streaming is a good way to discover new slots and gambling platforms. Then, viewers can watch the stream and decide whether they want to try a particular slot themselves or not. Streaming is also a good way for them to find out new playing strategies, and share experiences and get new knowledge from the live chat.


The advantages of streaming as a tool to promote a casino project are obvious. This is a great opportunity to advertise slot machines, to show viewers a real game, engage them, and attract to the resource. However, like any other way of promotion, the streams have their drawbacks.

For example, a low-quality stream with an inexperienced host can get thousands of dislikes and thus make a negative casino promotion. That is why it is necessary to carefully choose streamers to advertise online resource.