Today, gambling is popular among both men and women of different ages. However, there were times when women's gambling was extremely unacceptable. Despite that, some ladies have managed to make a real breakthrough in the industry. Slotegrator has looked into the history and is ready to share women’s achievements in the casino industry.


Alice Ivers

The famous English woman has conquered the world of gambling with her appearance, charisma, and incredible poker skills. At first, she only watched her husband playing poker with colleagues, and then joined this game as well. She had dedicated her life to poker and got a nickname - Poker Alice. The woman quickly mastered her dealer skills and became a real professional working in some of the best saloons in the American West. Moreover, Alice played poker better than any American and kept winning all the time.

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Kitty Leroy

The legendary woman was born in 1850 and has only lived for 28 years. However, her short life was full of drama, excitement, and adventure. When she was 14, she got into gambling and could easily beat the adults. A year later, she got married but then decided to give up her family life and devote herself to her career. Kitty had become a professional faro dealer and later opened her own gambling saloon.

Lottie Deno

A particular chapter in the history of female gambling is devoted to Carlotta J. Thompkins, also known as Lottie Deno and Gambling Queen of Hearts. The woman was born in a family of a heavy gambler, and since childhood, she was familiar with gambling and continuously accompanied her father while he was visiting gambling houses. Her father wanted her to become a strong and successful woman, so he fostered his daughter's interest in trade and gambling business.

Lottie moved to Texas, started working as a dealer at a prestigious casino, and won the heart of a wealthy casino owner. Together, they decided to travel around the world, hitting the jackpots at various casinos. Carlotta once managed to win big in poker, and that was how she got her famous nickname of Lottie Deno, literally meaning "lots of money."


Kathleen Liebert

Kathleen is the first female poker player to win $1 million in the first limit poker tournament. She participated in six final tables of World Poker Tour and won third place in 2005. After graduating from college, Kathleen started working in the office as a business analyst at a respected company. She got bored quite fast and started playing the stock market. Such courage and free time allowed Liebert to travel and start a professional career in the field of gambling.

Annie Duke

Some people say that this woman has got gambling built into her DNA. The woman was devoting herself to studying, but a month before graduation, she decided to quit everything and go to Las Vegas with her husband to dive into the world of gambling. It was the city where she began her gambling career.

Today, Annie Duke is a professional poker player and author of books about gambling. She also holds a gold bracelet of World Series of Poker (WSOP) that she won in 2005. She once gained $2 million in the World Poker Tour, and in 2010, her total winnings reached $4 million.

Lydia Barbara

Lydia joined the gambling business as a poker player. Once she learned how to play well enough, she decided to monetize this skill. Thus, in 2009, she joined the team of Microgaming as a Poker Manager, and a year later, she became a Head of Poker.

2016, the woman launched Ideas Factory, a business platform for new ideas, where the best ones were implemented by Microgaming. Ideas Factory has helped many people to prove themselves and to contribute to the development of the gambling industry.

Denise Coates

She is the British businesswoman and billionaire, as well as the founder and co-CEO of online casino Bet365. As of May 2018, Denise Coates earned $4.6 billion, according to Forbes magazine. She has become the highest paid CEO in the UK.

It is interesting that her brilliant career began as a cashier in the family bookmaking company. Back at that time, the Internet connection was poor, however, Denise started thinking about founding her own online sports betting project. In 2000, Coates bought the domain name and organized the office in the old van parked in the Stoke-on-Trent town. With the help of great patience and commitment, Denise managed to create one of the most profitable companies in the UK.

Karolina Pelc

Karolina started working in land-based gambling clubs right after high school. She has devoted her life to the gambling industry and has made great progress in 15 years of her career. Today, Karolina Pelc is a Director of the online casino LeoVegas, a winner of the awards "Best Live Casino" and "Best Mobile Product," as well as a caring wife and mother.


As you can see from our review, the number of successful women in gambling is not smaller than of men. While gambling was generally considered exclusively men's industry before, women prove that it’s not by their numerous awards and achievements. This is one more confirmation that the gambling industry is open to all!