High rollers (gamblers placing exclusively high stakes) constitute an appealing audience for any online casino operator. However, not every casino is ready to offer premium services to their clients. The main reason for that is lack of quality technical support, which implies non-availability of instant withdrawal of big amounts of money, limited stake rates, lack of special offers, etc.

More often than not, only high rollers tend to place relatively high bets and offer interesting proposals to various gambling houses. Blue chip companies usually meet the needs of such gamblers by providing them with special offers such as exclusive loyalty programs, bonuses, rewards, individual lottery drawings, personalized scaled-up cash- back and etc.

The VIP category sector is usually attended by experienced managers and marketing experts, who contribute greatly to the level of the services offered by the operator – always the best customer support at all possible stages of collaboration.

How to become a VIP client

It is relatively easy for any high roller to join this premium class category of online casino gamblers. The administration of the webpage is tracking certain gamblers and, if you start placing high bets as a new user, you will be definitely noticed and marked. VIP clients get a sound status and benefit from it by getting all possible rewards offered by the gambling house. We cannot tell for sure what kind of benefits they get, as long as different casinos offer their own bonus programs entirely aimed at a specific gambler. Everything depends upon the reputation and standing of the casino itself.

International gabling holdings like Ladbrokes and 888 Casino offer a whole range of services and special offers for their exclusive clients, such as:

  • Personal rewards;
  • Special tournaments and lottery drawings;
  • Personal service;
  • Prompt fund withdrawal;
  • Higher chances to win the jackpot;
  • Special terms and conditions while participation in loyalty programs;
  • Live sector VIP gamblers have personal tables and dealers.

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High stakes at online casinos

The possibility of placing high stakes in any of the games is the main criteria that matters while high rollers are a choosing a casino to gamble at. Some of the online casino platforms offer high betting in exchange for a spin in roulette, blackjack, slots, etc. The pricing policies vary depending on the type of a casino.

For instance, such gambling platform as Playtech offers bets comprising a couple of thousands of dollars for a slot spin, while Ladbrokes chain of casinos allows gamblers to place $10 thousand at one roulette spin. The more popular the gambling house is, the more possibilities it offers to its high rollers and the higher are their chances to get premium class services, comfort, and loyalty at all stages of mutual collaboration.

VIP´s attendance

Individual managers providing services only to you and no one else – isn’t it a dream? Such services provide internationally famous trademarks only. Numerous benefits like exclusive loyalty programs, bonuses, compliments, individual offers in terms of tournaments, and the rest of casino events are available for high rollers only in the best gambling houses providing the best customer support. Any technological advancement is available right away, including prompt money withdrawal, exclusive gambling products, and enormous jackpots, - you will definitely feel like a king.


Experienced sponsors and providers of online gambling platforms together with their technical teams elaborate clear and well-thought solutions for the VIP sector of gamblers. They are capable of grabbing the attention of wealthy clients, as well as hold them down on the resourse, that, eventually, boost the profits of their casinos.

Marketing campaigns, in terms of personalized customer support, give them a chance to figure out the tastes and preferences of their clients regarding the gambling content, bonuses, and tournaments, accordingly. By analyzing the obtained data, specialists are able to offer clients exactly the services they want.

As a result, such an operator gets high marks from its customers, while the clients, in return, obtain highly sought premium services. Consequently, an average gambler spreads information about such an operator in his/her intimate circle and operators, eventually, get more and more new VIP clients. The right type of collaboration means mutual benefits.

Slotegrator recommends choosing right strategies that might enable you to attract gamblers of the category “luxury”. Our managers are always ready to provide you with the best consultation services possible.