Slotegrator as the leading provider of the world's best iGaming products has conducted a review of the start of 2018 according to H2 Gambling Capital's Dashboard for February and March published together with the edition of iGaming Business. 

The information is based on the statistics obtained, as well as the analysis of the gambling market. In accordance with the results of marketing research, analysts of the leading consulting company H2 Gambling Capital build their predictions for the future.

Monthly reports published in iGaming Business include the market reviews of online gambling sector in numbers, which allows tracking its development from 2003 to 2022. The predicted data may change depending on the current statistics.

Consider the three most important elements.

1. Gross Win

According to the published data, in February: 

Total Global iGaming Gross Win (€bn)

In March:

Total Global iGaming Gross Win (€bn)

According to the results of 2017, the online gambling gained €40.5 billion. In February, H2 Gambling Capital predicted that by 2022, this figure would reach €56.5 billion, while in March, the forecast for 2022 was improved to €56.8 billion, based on the analysis of data monitoring. This suggests that the online gambling sector is growing rapidly and marketers consider it as high potential.

2. Income

The next important indicator concerns the components of the industry. Consider how the income from different types of games is distributed. 

In its February report, H2 Gambling Capital published the following data:

Global iGaming Gross Win by Product Vertical, %

While March showed the next results:

iGaming Gross Win by Product Vertical in 2017, %

As early as in February, H2 Gambling Capital analysts allocated 'Skill Games/Other/Loc Com' in a separate category with 5% of the market. After analyzing the statistics in March, the researchers concluded: this segment is so small that its parameters are comparable to the statistical error – and thus, it is not specified it in the general chart.

3. Income from online gambling

The third important component shows how the share of income from online gambling increases according to the overall revenue from gambling. Looking at the dynamics, it can be argued that the online gambling slowly supersedes the offline segment.

Figures from February:

iGaming as a Percentage of Total Global Gambling Win

Figures from March:

iGaming as a Percentage of Total Global Gambling Win

As it can be seen, in 2017 the share of online gambling was 10.6%. The forecast for 2022, compiled in February, promised to reach the rate of 13%, while in March, the researchers have already increased it to 13.4%. In other words, the growth of the online segment will increase at even greater pace.

Thus, the online gambling market continues to grow steadily and is expected to increase its share further, outpacing all forecasts.

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